The Hurry Up: Reid Carrico Talks Ohio State Ahead of His April Visit, Buckeyes Still in for Lathan Ransom

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I’m down with Ransom and Robinson being part of the ARZ to CBus Express.   Help reel these guys in, Jack Miller.    

Fields of Dreams


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Throw in Ringo and Tosh Baker too please.

It's a beautiful day in Columbus, Ohio... and TTUN still sucks.

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I’d really like to lockup the Cincy Trio. Getting worried that if Paris flips, we will miss out on all of them.

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I’m in the camp that Thomas needs an offer! (Nothing to do with me being a Viking alum)


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I’m in the camp that Thomas needs an offer!

"Defiance in Silence" 


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Glad Mr. Julian Fleming is in town. His addition to our team as well as the other elite targets would be valuable depth. A strong passing attack will get their attention as well. Hopefully he's having a fabulous meal and enjoying it all.

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We definitely need to offer Thomas. Parris is quite interested in going with these two other awesome players and if we lose out on this, it would be a big blow to this years class...

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When watching Reid Carrico run the ball in those Cleveland Browns look-a-like unis...all that's missing is the legendary voice of John Facenda (1:41), some classic NFL films music and some subzero weather...ok maybe skip the weather.

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I was thinking the same thing when I watched his film for the first time.

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I love the fact that this kid does not shy away from contact. Ironton is an old-school program, and plays everyone tough. He's just a sophomore, meaning he's only about 15-16 years old. As he matures, I think he'll pick up some speed. He obviously has plenty of heart, and strikes me as a hard-nosed player. If he continues to improve, might be a nice get for the Buckeyes, even if it's mostly for quality roster depth.