Preview and Primer: The 2019 NCAA Wrestling Championships

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The courts will garner most of the attention this weekend, but the mats in Pittsburgh look to be just as exciting as well. Safe travels to those of you heading up/over. 

Hopeful for a strong showing from the Buckeyes - with the stalwarts turning in strong individual runs with maybe a surprise or two thrown in to keep the good guys in the mix. 

A championship preview indeed, AV - appreciate the coverage. 

Go Buckeyes. 

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Good luck to the team and very nice article. Hoping the Buckeyes can get a lot of bonus points and PSU is somewhat limited in getting them. Should be a very exciting tournament. Go Bucks!!!


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Oh, THAT tournament. They couldn’t pick literally any other day to start this?

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Awesome piece, Andy!  I feel all caught up, and low key I'm more excited for this tournament than March Madness.

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Man I am so excited about this year's NCAA's!

The Buckeyes being the only team to field 10 competitors is a big honor.

Myles Martin should walk away with some hardware, and I'd be surprised if Joey McKenna didn't as well.

Micah Jordan will for sure be there in the end, and I think he's got the skill to pull it off. I love his style, he's just a tough guy's tough guy.

Kollin Moore is a great wrestler who had the unfortunate business of being in the same weight class at the same time as Bo Nickal who just seems to be on another planet. A second place finish to Nickal is nothing to sneeze at but if anyone can pull the upset, it's Moore.

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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I love this time of the year, excited to watch this unfold and there are a couple of grapplers that are definitely worth watching,

Hopefully Kolin can get some revenge if he makes it to the finals against Bo.

See you in Indy !!

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I can't tell you how badly I want Kollin Moore to beat Bo Nickal. 

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What a weekend! 

You never lose to those pricks. Ever. Ever. Urban Frank Meyer

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Outstanding write-up, Andy. Thanks for breaking down the Bucks' entries into the Championships.

Go GrappleBucks!

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One of my favorite weekends of the year! Hopefully have 4 finalists and a champ or two. Never know who will show up with some of the smaller schools represented.

Go Bucks!

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Great write up AV!  GO BUCKS!  Wishing rounds 1 & 2 were on FLO where I could watch multiple matches and follow each Buckeye in the early rounds. Stuck now with what match ESPN chooses to show.  Hopefully we will get a glimpse of some Buckeye action in the early rounds.  I'll have my twitter up!  GO BUCKS!


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check that...ESPN+....have matches streaming....I should read all the OP


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Lets go Bucks! Thanks as always to AV for providing up to minute coverage on twitter. Easiest way to keep track of which wrestlebucks are up on what mat. 

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Just my way of paying it forward, Des!

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2nd that!  Ive got your Twitter feed open on my desktop at work and just keep checking for updates.  You da man, Andy!

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Thanks a bunch, AV. Excellent, as usual. GO BUCKS!