Dwayne Haskins Breaks Down Game Film with Ryan Day

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1. There's no way Haskins slips past the 6th pick, whether it's to the Giants or someone trades up to get him. His IQ is top-notch, his release is hyper quick, and he knows how to read a D.

2. Ryan Day is going to be a great coach for our program on every level. The players love him, he has a great personality, he can recruit, and he can win in tough situations. This season is going to be fun.

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All OSU QB recruits need to see this - often.

I'm sure Pantoni & co. are going to use this to its maximum potential.

Buckeyes & Blue Jackets.

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Love it. Guy's got everything you need in an NFL quarterback. Day's gonna be great, too, I know it. 

Really curious what their talks looked like after the Purdue game, out of genuine interest. Haskins had high numbers, sure, but I'm really interested to see what he learned from that game. 

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It is awesome knowing that we have a head coach that can not only successfully coach QBs, but also develop them and prepare them for the NFL. This is huge for future recruiting at the position as we are starting to see.

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The love and respect between these two! Coach Day is going to be great.

Dammit...I got some sand in my eye.

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I really like these two. It's fun to see them take a moment and reflect on the journey thus far. Good stuff.



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I wonder if they always listen to the same beat while breaking down film

Damn it feels good to be a Buckeye

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No, after any loss this is played.

Let Meatchicken Beat Meatchicken!!!!

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Wishing Dwayne all the best in the NFL. He could be a great one. But what I took away is Day's personality. He's funny, extremely smart and detail-oriented, and not eccentric or unbalanced. If I were a HS kid being recruited, it would be hard to say no; there's a lot going on with him beyond just coaching. I hope that translates into wins on the field and the recruiting trail, because if he gets momentum, look out.

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Love how Dwayne is humble and very real - when it comes right down to it - he's a champion that's willing to do whatever is necessary to get better every day.

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How nice would it be to have just one more year with these two?  

This was genuine mutual respect, admiration, and love. 

Like how Dwayne paid respect to Urban as well. Our football Buckeyes are in good hands also. 

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Great post. Two things really stand out to me.

1) Haskins' intelligence about the game and reading progressions
2) Ryan Day's ability to be both cheerful and critical. He doesn't seem intimidated or defensive.

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Great comment, beat me to it. 

I think the past few weeks have erased any doubts, in my mind at least, that Haskins wasn't ready for Sundays.

Ditto on Ryan Day and his readiness to lead this program, I'm in awe at how "in tune" he is with the sport...yet keeps such a strong, positive approach throughout. 

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