Ohio State Notebook: Kaleb Wesson's Foul Troubles, Luther Muhammad Hits Freshman Wall And Kyle Young Rehabs

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Future is very bright love this team. Go Bucks


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The Buckeyes will most likely be underdogs in any game they play in the Tournament. Let it fly and enjoy the experience to play more games and get better.

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This team overachieved mightily. We had to have had one of the youngest and shortest rosters in the country. I’ve cried over the spilled milk mess that Micah Potter left; time to move on. Assuming no one leaves, this will still be a very young team next year:

  • Senior: Andre Wesson
  • Junior: Kaleb Wesson, Walker, Young, Jallow
  • Sophomore: Muhammad, Washington, Ahrens, LeDee
  • Freshman: Gaffney, Liddell, Carton 

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

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There's certainly the promise of a much better team coming.  Would be hard to believe Coach Holtmann and his assistants won't be working on that list of improvements for all of them.  They have everyone playing hard already!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Looks like it will be a solid roster but still a little light on height. Hopefully they will fill that 4th recruit spot with a talented big. Expectations will be higher next year for sure.

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Expectations will be higher next year for sure.

For many OSU fans, unreasonably high.

We need to remember that DJ, EJ and 'Zo will be freshmen that probably will take some time to adjust to the quicker, more physical, taller, more talented players than they faced in high school.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Yea. Young will be problematic for lots of opposing teams next year. Andre also. Will not be a problem being competitive with the top B1G teams.

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Finally, point guards-two to be exact, more depth and size and scoring options, they can be in the top four of the big. The frosh don't have to hit a wall with enough depth to keep minutes limited. I don't know how young is problematic, he's always been a high effort, energy guy, that's a given. To me that means one who is hard to guard and scores no matter the defense. 

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Agree with all comments above. Looking forward to the NCAAs with no expectations or pressure. Also, really looking forward to next season.

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Lots of upside with all the young players on the roster. They will get stronger, make better decisions, develop more consistent moves. And the incoming freshmen are explosive and skilled. 

Hopefully we get in today and build on that experience for what looks to be a very promising future.

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Definitely an honest reality of the season.  I am excited for the jump that Muhammad, Ahrens, Washington and Ledee will make in their first full offseason and the jump Young will make once he is healthy.

Next year should be fun!  But the season is not over yet....let's see some March Magic!


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Luther needs to get some air under his shots....coaches get on that

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Luther had too many forced shots. Ones where he just threw up wild shots that had no chance of going in. Should let the game come to him and get in the flow. 

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Kyle Young is a warrior.  That kid plays  very hard and backs down from no one.    If we make the NCAA with this squad, it is a GREAT accomplishment - next year is when we RETURN!

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Bigger picture...there are good times ahead, this I believe. 

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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a lot of great players have bad games. But what makes them special is they stay at it, they keep working and look at it like next game keep working, try to come back and keep the same confidence, and it shows.

True for basketball and for real life. 

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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a couple of things, the ncaa needs to look at the flagrant foul rule, woods is hit in the head area, takes himself out of the play due to injury, play continues,  msu scores, play is reviewed, flagrant foul is called and msu keeps the points. msu should not have kept the points.

luther needs to not just work on shooting but on body control when ball handling, he is often off balance and out of control. slower and on balance is better than quicker and falling down

never saw young play in high school but everyone said he can shoot, what happened to his shot, he has terrible form and is often seems rushed and off balance.

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the ncaa needs to look at the flagrant foul rule

Yep. They need limit guys who put their head into "the cyclinder" and review those calls immediately (as well as charge calls which too often seem to go the wrong way). A 2nd flagrant in a game should result in a disqualification.

The B1G also needs to look at its refs and see what unwritten rules some are following. Then warn them to follow the written rules only, or they will be suspended or discharged. The rules always need to be consistently applied to prevent an all too common situation where one ref is calling soft fouls while another is calling only hard fouls. They also need to T-up coaches (cough, Izzo's "Bullshit call!") who curse their performance or are constantly trying to work them, with a single warning on the latter.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Little education for you.

The refs get evaluated EVERY game.

The refs are calling the game the way they are told to ref it by BIG Director of officials. 

The BIG has some of the best in the country. Every year a BIG official has either the semis or finals. 

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And yet we get horribly called games on a regular basis, I suppose we just set the bar too low.


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you are correct in that assessment, there is a reason TV Ted is not working in the Big 10 anymore. One of the issues I have with conference officiating is that the pool of officials is too small. The same small group of people is working the games, the coaches know who calls what and what type of play will be tolerated. The constant complaining by the coaches is out of control, coaches are now even allowed to stand inside the court during play with no consequences as long as they don't get in the way.

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Regarding Kaleb in the article...

In the five prior games to Friday's against Michigan State, he didn't have more than three fouls in a game and had two or fewer in four of them.

I should hope not. He didn't even play in 3 of those games!

(I know they were talking about his last 5 games)