Ohio State Women's Basketball Signee Kierstan Bell Named Ohio Ms. Basketball For the Third Time

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Quite a feat to do it once but three times?!?

Congrats, Congrats and Congrats!!! (glad she's coming to Columbus!!)

"Defiance in Silence" 


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Can she play Indiana this afternoon? 

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Wow! In this day and age when people look for reasons to hate on you. Fantastic accomplishment. 

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That's awesome...the three-peat award and her pending arrival to Columbus. 

Congratulations to Kierstan Bell.

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Thrice Times!  Nice!

The offseason is the longest season.

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That is some list of accomplishments!!

May she have a similar list in the next four years.

She sure should be fun to watch!!!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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I’m actually looking forward to watching her play. Ladies are gonna ball.

"Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul" Woody Hayes

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Once is wonderful!

Twice is nice!

Thrice is paradise!

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To give you some idea of how she projects, she battled against Taylor Mikesell from Maryland in HS.  No disrespect to Taylor but Kierstan is a better player and Mikesell just won Freshman of the Year in the B1G.   She's a hard worker and will do well in Columbus.

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It will be interesting next year.

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Can not wait to see her ball next year. Will OSU LADIES win a NC finally in the next few years? Lets hope so!

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Congrats to Kierstan. I've not seen her play but she must be really good.

Awhile back I checked out the recruiting rankings for 2019. If the rankings mean anything, watch out for South Carolina. They have a highly rated class coming in as well, with size. If we play them, and we usually do, those should be can't miss games.

I'd rather be a minute early than an hour early, 'cause I like to procrastinate.

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Been following the Lady Bucks all year.  Would go to 11 Warriors for a story on the girls or a recap of the games especially toward the end of the season and rarely, if ever,  see a mention of the team.  I began to think somebody pissed off the 11 Warriors writers.  I hope this changes next season.

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I think the writers are basically volunteers, but I would always support more women's bb coverage.

The lord of brevity.

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We're not volunteers, everyone here is paid in some capacity. However, we did have quite a bit of a staff overhaul right before football season. I used to cover women's hoops extensively, writing recaps, doing interviews, etc. But when DJ left, I moved into that role and things got real crazy really quick (Zach Smith was fired on my first day in my new role).

Basically, things went nuts and never really had anyone else to move into that in a pinch. It's my sincere hope that someone does that for us next season, because it's looking like this team is going to be a lot of fun, but we certainly do care about the women's team.

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Thanks, Kevin.  I hope you are right.

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I'm so glad shes staying home with the Lady Buckeyes!!!  How in the hell did she escape Genos death grip?  Anyone with this type of resume almost always ends up at the factory.


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Wow—Looking forward to watching Lady Basketbucks!

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Recruiting is not one of McGuff's problems. Wow.

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Now can he coach and develop the talent collected? I haven't seen it yet. 

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We'll probably have to see pretty soon, Wyatt.