Hornibrook to FSU

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I think he knew he was going to lose his job at UW (either to his backup or the highly rated new freshman).  FSU just kicked their starter off the team so they might be desperate enough to use him.

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Actually looks like a good move from both sides.

I'm no FSU fan but respect Hornibrook and wish him well.

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Florida state is an absolute train wreck 

Stay golden, Ponyboy.

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A train wreck that can’t protect QBs, whether they have mobility or not. Unless he’s just sick of winter, I don’t get this one. 

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Loves honey roasted chicken and some pretty scenery.

The soldier is my son.  The school I gone to didn’t teach much grammar.  

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What about crab legs?

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I understand leaving Wisconsin. He probably saw the writing on the wall with Mertz.

I don't understand the move to FSU though. I know Blackman was considering leaving for awhile but it seems like he is staying put, unless he knows something we dont. Left a situation where he was going to have to compete for another situation where he's going to have to compete.

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He can ride out his last year freezing his ass off in Madison Wisconsin or go down to Tallahassee, FL.   He has to compete in either place.  Looks like a good move to me.  

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I think you mean Heismanbrook

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A 58-car train derailment thinks that FSU is a train wreck. That said Hornibrook might do ok there.

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"Gettin Horni in Tallanasty"- Print the shirts

If Ann Arbor is a whore, what's Harbaugh for going back to her?

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Alex Hornibrook playing QB for a team that cannot block worth a single crap. Alrighty then. Seems like a really odd choice for him. I hope he survives.


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Prepare to see the FSU aerial attack become the hyper-charged juggernaut of days past.  I expect that we'll see FSU receivers running wild like they did in the 90's.  /s