Olivier Vernon to the Browns

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The replacement is Cobertt (the 33rd pick pay year). He must have impressed enough last year in a back up role to be trusted to start this year.

I like the trade as well. The idea of pairing Garrett with another end who had double digit sack potential is enticing. As long as he stays healthy I think this is a win. It also works to get Ogba off the field and frees is to take a DT, WR, or CB with pick 17. All positions of strength in the draft.

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Not a browns fan but I like the move because it hopefully gives Haskins a better line in New York

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Good move for NYG, definitely need help up front.

I like Vernon for Cleveland as well, solid run stopper who should be bounce and be productive after being dinged up some last season. 

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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Vernon across from Garrett could be dangerous.  Now if they can sign a DT who can collapse the pocket, look out opposing QBs.

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If Vernon can stay healthy and live up to potential this could be great. 

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Conceding that both players are overpaid (Zeitler is fine, but he's never made a Pro Bowl), you'd rather overpay a pass rusher than a guard. And the Browns come out very slightly ahead on the draft pick swap.

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Corbett key person here.   Kinda drafted for a left tackle with a guard body.   Dorsey is good.   Zeitler all pro with a price tag.   Could Corbett plug and play.  Maybe potential there.  Then get a proven DE.  Some injury history, but great when on.  Now Browns can focus on other Draft needs