Former Ohio State Walk-On Kato Mitchell Using Skills Learned to Create Apparel Design Business

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These stories are just as important as the NFL success stories. Making buckeye nation proud with hard work and preserverance.

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He’s got some solid stuff. He’ll be up with there with beat2heat and the shoe surgeon in no time!

It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.

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There is so much going on behind the scenes for the Buckeye Machine.  This guy's got some mad talent.

Fields of Dreams


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Good for Kato Mitchell on balancing his workload in preparation for life after school and football. Looks like he has a creative eye, wishing him luck.

Nice read.

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So nice to see this kind of an article for someone so deserving.

Seems we only hear negative stories and this was positive and uplifting to see this young man succeed.

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Excellent piece, David. Really enjoy the work 11w is doing to bring exclusive one-offs on Buckeye-related stories off the field.

The designs look really good - the shoes he did for Tracy Sprinkle look a lot like The Ten Nike Icon series that Virgil Abloh designed for Nike, and are some of the most coveted shoes in the world. I mean to create something that can be compared to that is a great start.

Abloh has gotten so much notoriety for his designs that he parlayed his success to being hired at Louis Vuitton as the artistic Director of Mens Designwear. Stay on your grind, Kato - the possibilities are endless.

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We need to commission Kato to do an 11W ball that can be auctioned/raffled off at the end of year blast. Start that up and we can pitch in to see it done!  Support a young Buckeye and promote our brand!  Are you in, 11W brothers and sisters?


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Maybe 11W should create a recruit lean indicator towards Ohio St.  1 Kato Silver Boom Football = not a likely signee vs 5 Kato Silver Boom Footballs = Get your boom gifs ready.

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I love this story. It's very inspirational and it's a pie in the face to those that think Ohio State is just a football factory (*cough* McMurphy *cough*).

If he wants to have a creative / design career, he's well on his way in terms of talent. Perhaps Sammy Silverman can share some design chops with him. Past that he'll need to understand the business side and the marketing side, maybe partnering with people with those skill sets.

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