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It blows my mind! We only set ball screens. We pass left, cut right. Never pass left, screen right. We don't screen for Kaleb to try to get a switch on the block. We don't pick the picker.

Even basic high schools run quick hit out of bounds plays for shooters, we never do any of that.

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I alluded to this on a different post, but I think one of the biggest issues is the lack of PG play in order to help create better opportunities for OSU's shooters.  Too often the defense is able to stand around, stick with their men and not really be forced to scramble or rotate much defensively.  When that happens, the window for open shots is just far too tight and many times the shooters aren't even truly ready to catch and shoot when the opportunity comes.

Without superior athletes, you either need better dribble penetration or really good ball movement in order to create open shots.  OSU, for the most part, does not have either.  Without Kaleb Wesson on the floor, there is no need to double in the post or really even rake down on the post dribble.

The team is what it is this season, and it is unfortunate that Kaleb is now suspended right after it looked like the Buckeyes founds something offensively against Iowa.  They are in a tough spot to win any of their remaining regular season games, making the B1G tournament extremely important.

I think with D.J. Carton and C.J. Walker, next year's team may look substantially different just because of their ability to beat their man off the dribble.  If Liddell and/or Gaffney are able to provide an inside/outside threat at all to complement Kaleb Wesson, the open looks should be flowing.

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Only difference between this year’s team and last year’s team as far as PG’s go is we traded Dackich for Woods. As much as I liked Dackich, I wouldn’t say he’s necessarily better than Woods. 

And the lack of the point guard is all the more reason we need to use more screens to get open shots!

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We also had a guy that could drive through the heart of a defense and consistently get lay ups in Ja'Sean Tate. And we had a guy that could get shots off at every spot on the floor and attracted double and triple teams in Keita Bates Diop.

Part of the reason why those set plays for Jon Diebler worked so well is the defense had to stay honest with the other players on the floor, which was usually some kind of combination of Evan Turner, William Buford, David Lighty and his senior year Aaron Craft, Jared Sullinger, and Deshaun Thomas. This year's team (especially with Kaleb out) typically has 2-3 guys on the court that our minimal threats to score and the other ones are inconsistent as hell. Ledee ended up with 16 pts (most in garbage time), but the Boilermakers basically did not guard him unless he touched it in the post. They had no fear of anyone scoring inside and switched every screen for no fear of a mismatch.

I think we will see a few more set plays since Holtmann has more time to prepare without Kaleb. But I don't have a ton of faith they will be successful given the personnel/circumstances.

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Beat me to the punch, Bsk.  I totally agree.  In college basketball, it is imperative to have someone who can break down the defense.  It doesn't have to be a point guard.  You just need someone who requires the defense to account more than one body in order to create space for others. 

Without Kaleb, OSU literally has zero players who force the D to do that.  And even with Kaleb, if OSU is playing someone with a legitimate post defender who has length to contest Kaleb's shots, they again do not need to double.

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As far as PGs, yes you are correct.  But, when you look at guys like KBD and Tate, they didn't need a PG to help them create offense.  They could do it on their own.

I would argue Ohio State, this season, has basically one player who can create his own shot, and he is an inconsistent freshman combo guard (Washington) who is more gunslinger than scorer at this point.

Screens help, for sure.  But more than anything, if a team does not have to respect your ability to get to the basket, they can switch every screen or just play zone defense and basically neutralize your ability to screen for shooters.

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Great post BuckeyeBen. Too often when they screen for a shooter, the guy will miss the shot, and they never run that play again. You have to have a commitment to getting a shooter multiple looks, consecutively, even if the guy is struggling to knock one down early on. Also, I'd like to see them set multiple screens for a shooter to give him a better chance at getting open, as sometimes the defense gets through just one screen.

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When we recruit like bama and Clemson I expect to win it all every ye............... oops wrong thread. /s

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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