No. 6 2020 TE Includes Ohio State in Top-five

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Looking like another showdown between Penn State and Ohio State. 

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I’d say it’s a 3 team battle between us, PSU, and Stanford (if he can get in). Clemson is on the outside looking in. Don’t think Georgia gets him. I expect them to land Arik Gilbert. 

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Don't underestimate Dabo and his bagmen lol.

11 Strong.

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And don't underestimate tOSU bagmen either.  

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Their secret code word is “DiGeronimo!”

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I’d love to land him or Cam Large. 

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TE from NJ ... I know nothing about the guy but those two things scream "Penn State lean" to me.

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I’d love to have him but I honestly don’t know why elite TEs would come here. They are perpetually underused and probably the 5th or 6th in line to touch the ball on any given play, unless it’s a 3rd/4th and short designed for 3 yards. 

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Until our tight ends get more involved in the game plan it will always be a hard sell to get them to come here.

Fighting the good fight in SEC country. "Our honor defend"

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Buckeyes coulda had 1,000 yards to the tight end this year if those darn receivers weren't always so open!

Thanks a lot coach Hartline.

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Lets see how Ruckert is used.  If he gets buried Im never falling for the “we want to get the TE more involved this year” line again.  No excuse for that guy not starting and being an animal for us.

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That will be the answer to TE recruiting moving forward. If Ruckert kills it then OSU is a place top TEs can go and succeed. If Ruckert catches 25 balls a year it will likely be a very long time until the Buckeyes get another top 10 TE prospect unless he's from Ohio.

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proving yourself as The Dude for moving the chains should be a TE’s mindset

block like you want to see defeat in a defenders eyes, and the catching opportunities will follow

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That's all good but typically the top 5 TE type recruits each year are more talented than being strictly blockers. Ruckert was not brought in to block and move the chains. He has a completely different body type and skillset than someone like Hamilton, our 2019 recruit. Not saying he shouldn't work at that part of his game but he's a pass catcher - that is his primary skill. If the Buckeyes aren't able to utilize him as such then OSU will not be getting guys with his ability moving forward.

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Yah. I'm done getting excited about TE recruiting. It's cool to see OSU on big name TE's lists but until we actually have a dominant TE heavily involved in the offense (see Ruckert,J) I'm not batting an eyelash.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

I Believe In Ohio State.

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I believe that this years offense will have a much different look to it and we'll all be impressed by how wide open it'll be. Coach Day will unleash the scheme he's been working on the last couple of seasons.

Focusing on Penn State !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Man people are really bullish on the tight ends. We've had a couple drafted in the last 5 seasons. Nick Vannett starts for the Seahawks. There's plenty of reasons for top TE talent to come here.