Cincinnati Trio of Paris Johnson Jr., Darrion Henry and Jaheim Thomas Still Exploring Options, But Like What They See at Ohio State

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I'm all for locking down all 3 of them. Hopefully Thomas can get his offer and they'll all be Buckeys.

"We gotta go win this next game and make the State of Ohio proud!"-UFM

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“We’ve already taken like seven visits together, and we’re sort of thinking that it would be good for us to go to school together,” Johnson said while attending the banquet on Saturday night. “If it all fits what we want, if it checks all the boxes for all three of us, then I think that would be a good decision for us all.”

I like reading that.

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They're a package deal.

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Rumor is Henry is already committed, just hasn't announced it yet.

Go Bucks!

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Well, it was awesome that when he was asked what other schools he is interested in, he hesitated and then seemed to struggle to list out some others.   Nice.   

Fields of Dreams


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I like how they brought in Coach Washington, a coach that I’ve known for a very long time since he was at UC and The Team Up North and then him being down here at Ohio State, so I’ve known him for a little while.

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Caught my attention, too. Nice vocabulary!

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My interpretation was they are buckeyes!  Only a true buckeye would say that...imo

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Hopefully 2/3 don't take a fancy to one of those other schools, and drag Paris with them.

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And for the love of God, not Clemson and that schmuck Dabo.

Enjoy the wins over *ichigan, ....I still remember the dark days of the 1990's....

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So what I got from this article is that Coach Day should absolutely offer Jaheim Thomas a scholarship.

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“But admit there was no splendor in all the bright array
Like the glory of the going when Chic Harley got away.” -James Thurber

"Anything easy ain't worth a damn!" -Woody Hayes

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I just read an article on rivals about Jaheim Thomas and his interest in Purdue, and others. The main take-away, for me, was that early playing time is going to be a MAJOR factor in his decision. Lets hope not too major, because I don't see him coming in playing year right away and I don't want to see this kid at Kentucky or any other poacher.

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If circumstances allow, getting all 3 would be perfect. I hate to think of friends putting conditions on our staff. We will sign a much larger class next time so hopefully all end up happy.
Bresee (sp ?) Should remain a primary target. His grade is just under 10.

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I think Day will have a better balance between in state and out of state recruits. Just a gut instinct

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What? I was under the impression that Johnson was committed... committed... and was recruiting for Ohio State as a 2020 class leader. 

When I die, sprinkle my ashes over the 70's 

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Didn't Darrion Henry openly say recently how impressed he was with the Mattison hire? I think there's a good chance that move may have at the very least swayed him back in this direction. Can't speak for the other two but Paris Johnson in particular would be a huge recruiting win for us and for Day and Coach Stud.

11 Strong.

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Hmm funny how dumbo sweenie waited till after signing day to mention they accidentaly put peds in the players food for 4 years. Lol tress got 5 year ban over tats ncaa is a fuvking farce joke. Lol he really is an idiot like 2 years ago he bragged seven of our players have been to 7 bowl games lol hmm ley me do the math. And now he said wr might have accidentally put them on peds seriously.

david roe

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I love Tress, and he definitely got shafted, and the whole thing was an absolute joke along with the NCAA, but he got the 5 year show cause for cover up of tatgate, not the tattoos, which is a huge difference. And there could definitely be some institutional type stuff going down in Clemson, but I'd bet Dabo knows to stay clear of the specifics. We need one of the shady lawyers down near Clemson with loose lips to let something slip.

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Ohio State does not have high school football players, it has college football players. The state of Ohio is a different matter.

Censores irrumasti.

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I said it before and Ill say it again DABO is a Magot...

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~whispers~  The next time you say the word, try saying 'maggot'.

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I approve of Darrion and Paris's shirt, tie, and vest combos! 

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Why has Thomas not been offered? If he needs time to grow and mature, fine. Its not like he would be needed to contribute immediately based on current LB depth. Take him and the kids from DC and Hoban. Done with LB recruiting for 2020. Move on to other defense priorities. Like CB.


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I believe that they want to play together, will they is another matter. I doubt if one or two really love one school that they will say no because the other guys goes elsewhere. It is a dream, which is good, but does not seem likely.

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I'd take all three of them, throw those committable offers at them, and get them in the fold. Get that fence up around our state and especially around the Queen City.

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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Have any of you watched film on the 2 guys from Princeton? Each of them is MAC talent or CUSA at motor, no commitment to weight room, sloppy technique and terrible performances vs top teams. Let Mr PT go to Crudue and the other can stay put at UC. These shorts and t-shirts camps or funny, it’s a racket...

"When you help someone up a hill, you get that much closer to the top yourself..."

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Day needs to lock down Ohio. I hope we get everyone o the top 12 or 13 Ohio kids every year. Our classes of 22 -25 should be at least half filled with guys from Ohio.

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Having friends want to play together in college at the next level is pretty common, but I don't think it works out that way very often.  Would be great if we could land all three.

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studrawa better not lose johnson - would not look good for him at all.


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Wasn't Ohio State also looking at three players from St. Francis Academy in Baltimore who were all taking visits together?  I believe the DE signed with Bama, and the OT went to Maryland.  Between St. Francis and DeMatha Catholic, there is a ton of D1 talent at those two schools.

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I've attended the Touchdown Club of Columbus in the past. A really special event. A  highlight for any football fan. I remember some award winners that year. Steve Young (BYU & 49ers), Chris Spielman (OSU & Detroit Lions), Hiawatha Francisco (national champion Cincinnati Moeller), Tom Osborne & Mike Rosier (Nebraska), Master of Ceremony Len Dawson (KC Chiefs and Football Hall of Famer).