Basketball Preview: Ohio State vs. Penn State

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Let's see how coach Holtmann handles revenge games..

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If the 4th game is the revenge game what does that make game 2 and 3? 

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I still cannot believe last year's team lost 3 games to PSU - to put the series in perspective, during Matta's 13 years we lost to them twice. 2 of them being buzzer beaters made it even worse.  Oh well on to this year.  OSU should win this game by a family comfortable margin.  PSU is worse than Rutgers and that game was never in doubt.  Their only win is over the second worse team in the B1G (NW) and it came at home. Still I'd like to see us come out and just own the game from start to finish.  Even though the Rutgers game was a wire to wire lead, the first half was dreadful except for K Wesson, we need to see more even contributions across the whole game.

Also - even though January was the worst month in 2+ decades for OSU basketball, they did pick up a win @Nebrasketball during the month.  PSU started out 0-10 and then beat NW at home, which is actually not all that far off their typical season.

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Penn State beat Northwestern on the road. 7 of their 10 losses are by single digits including an OT loss to Purdue. But, you go ahead and set yourself up to be upset unless the Buckeyes win by 20 or more.

Also, of note, that Penn State team last year was pretty good. They absolutely rolled through the NIT. If they made the tourney, definitely could have won a game or two in the Big Dance.

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Looks like it's on ESPN again.

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I’ll be in section 318 bringing the thunder from above. Go Bucks!

TG Proud Buckeye alumnus.

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Been there - we need the students to be out of their minds from here on out. Go Bucks

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Protect the damn rock and they should be ok.  Let the defense force them into a bunch of turnovers and it could be a long night playing against a tough defense with an offense that struggles to score consistently.

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Pressure is off - play our game and get the W

Limit the turnovers as well.

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Just don't call it a Revenge Tour and we'll be ok.

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So was last year just a mirage?

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One game at a time. Win tonight and continue righting the ship - turnovers, offensive efficiency, staying out of foul trouble, and rebounding. 

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I want payback, but will take a sound game...which should deliver a W tonight.

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Take care of the ball; play solid defense and beat them like a drum; Buckeyes!

The only hard day was yesterday

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I love /hate when all 3 of my college basketball teams are playing on the same night at the same time.

Between OSU mens, and the Wright State men's and women's games it will be a basketball buffet tonight at my house.

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I don't think there is or will be such a thing as an easy game for this team the rest of the year. Given what happen last year, hopefully PSU isn't in their heads.  This is a must win to try to get some momentum going.

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My only request for this revenge game is that it doesn't turn out like ttun's and wimpovich's revenge tour.

Enjoying daily the back to back ttun beatdowns.


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Mini Roster & Stats for Penn State N. Lions   as of  Feb 6, 2019

  • #  Player                    Size         PPG     RPG
  • 11  Lamar Stevens   6-8, 230    18.9    7.7
  • 13  Rasir Bolton      6-2, 180     11.8    2.4
  • 23  Josh Reaves     6-5, 214      9.7    4.6  and 3.4 APG vs 2.9 TO
  •  2   Myles Dread     6-4, 215       8.7    3.0
  • 24  Mike Watkins    6-9, 254      8.5    8.4
  • 21   John Harrar     6-9, 243      3.3    3.9
  •  5    Jamari Wheeler  6-1, 170   3.0    2.8

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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I will have bingo up and be able to watch about the first 30 minutes of the game, but have a church board meeting tonight, so the rest will get watched after my meeting...thank God for DVR


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Bucks should win this one unless Lamar Stevens goes off

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I'd like to see the Bucks go back to the retro gray unis as shown in the picture. I see the gray and scarlet unis and I think of #22 JJ. I think it still is better look (design) than what we're now wearing. I know u can't live in the past but the grays are sharp.

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