Cardale Jones Hangs Out with Franklin County Sheriff

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It is definitely the off-season...

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I wonder what law enforcement agencies get for being on Live PD, it seems like nothing but potential headaches unless they get cash or equipment or something. Why put yourselves at risk like that unless you get something in return. While Live PD is a better show, COPS often put police in a bad light, at least in the publics view.


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I always felt COPS put shirtless people committing domestic violence in the bad light. I'm sure other things happened on the show but it felt like 75% of the calls were shirtless domestic violence.

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I know right?  Because of that stupid show I have a whole drawer full of worthless white tank tops

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Severely underrated comment here hahaha +1

"Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order."
John Adams


Natty Lite does that to people.

"You're the patron saint of the totally effed" - Hot Tub Time Machine

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I didn't come here to play police.

Fuck eSECpn and fuck Mythigan.

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I may be grouchy, but this still makes me smile.

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He will always be one of my favorite Buckeye QB's

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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I can almost hear Gus Johnson saying “ you’ve been busted by Car Dale Jones!”

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I don’t think Cardale Jones will ever have to pay for a drink for the rest of his life in Franklin County.  

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Looking good Cardale...Looking Good...Go Cardale...Go Bucks

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Neil Armstrong lied to me...

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Love that dude!  Wish the coaches would’ve figured out how to use him, Zeke, and Thomas to their full potential in 2015.  Would’ve been back to back. 

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Love police and love Cardale. Not a fan of LivePD.  It is basically police finding any excuse under the sun to pull someone over if they are in a "drug" neighborhood, or have priors.  Then they have the dog swing by and say it "reacted" to their car, search it, find a joint, and send the guy to jail. 

It is like the Worthington police officers sit on Route 315 and bust speeders for speeding through their 3 blocks of Worthington that intersections Route 315. 

Find a more effective way to do your job.