This Week in Twitter: Michael Thomas Wants to Appeal the NFC Championship Game, Jae'Sean Tate Still Despises Big Ten Refs, and Terry McLaurin is Showing Out at the Senior Bowl

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Roger Goodell is a coward. That is all. 

Happy Friday, Yall. Stay safe out there. 

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this feels too short. gotta dig a little deeper to bring us more twitter #content

I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people.

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Hey Roger, fans are leaving like the last one left is stuck with the check. 

You never lose to those pricks. Ever. Ever. Urban Frank Meyer

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How else could the NFL have their male cheerleader in the Super Bowl without the Rams winning.

Here people keep telling me that the NFL is not a sport but big time entertainment.

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Is Roger Goodell really Vince McMahon in disguise?


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That's an insult to Vince McMahon.

m GO BLOW!!!

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Yeah, it was a terrible no call, but does anyone really expect the NFL to go down that road? Reversing the outcome of game.....or even replaying the game because of missed or poor calls  would open a hornet's nest for the league. 

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The NFL has been nothing but a TV show for ages. Find a way to be down on the field during an game and you'll get an entirely different perspective. The contest itself is meaningless.

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Yes very very bad call. and Yes I pulled for the Ohio State Saints. But if you lose a close game, every failed 3rd down conversion leading to a punt also loses that  game.  Every missed block and dropped pass too. But since those missed opportunities happen earlier in the game nobody points to that.

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Been trying to tell folks about McLaurin for at least 3 know how it goes.

Saban on a cart eating cold pizza