NFL Combine (Release of Invitee Details?)

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googled how many people invited

"How many players are invited to attend the NFL Scouting Combine? The number of athletes per position varies from year-to-year depending on the available talent. However, we are able to accommodate and process up to 335 total athletes each year."

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I found an article on the NFLs website from last year that was posted on Feb 6.  So I'd assume a similar timeline.

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Curious to see if Bosa participates. He may very well skip and still be picked in the Top 5.

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I would bet het goes for the medical evals to show everyone he's fine, but doesn't do drills.  That seems to be the case with top picks lately.

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I imagine he'll for sure show up, as said above, he'll want to do the medicals and any interviews...

As far as drills, that's the big question... Running isn't out of the question, but he's a DE... so what will that honestly prove?

I would bet he does all that stuff at Pro Day...

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Wonder if they invite over the amount and kind of like the pro bowl have alternates incase players (bosa) would decline and not take the chance?

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I'm thinking anyone who is invited would still go and interview.  They can just decide not to run or whatever other measurement they're afraid to do.

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I cant wait to see who pulls a Reuben Foster at the combine this year. My money is on Winovich (assuming she is invited). Seems like a loose cannon

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It has been released but we are all keeping it secret from you.