Preview: No. 2 Ohio State vs. Michigan State

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take em down em...GO BUCKS !!

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Nice interview with Cameron Caffey - smart kid and seems like a really good guy.

**This space to be filled with an inspirational quote from a famous Buckeye**

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Good question from Twitter: Yes, Heinselman and Foley have faced off before, quite a few times over the years in freestyle competition. Most recently, Heinselman defeated Foley at the 2018 Junior World Team Trials:

There is, of course, quite a bit of difference between freestyle and folkstyle competition, and as they say in finance, past performance is not an indicator of future results. Your mileage may vary, etc., etc.

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Hopefully Romero will bring his "A" game today 

Thanks Andy.

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Excellent preview as usual, AV. Thanks!


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Heinselman got housed. Yikes. 

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Wonder if the woman in the Tom Ryan shirt will show up sometime with that picture of her on a shirt.

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She's hot.  Like to see her and "stop girl" side by side.


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it's not out of the realm of possibility to think the home team could pitch a shutout.

Almost...all but 1! 

Buy the ticket take the ride.

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nice result overall.. there were some 'upsets' (based on WrestleStat forecasts).  The forecast is written first below, based on common opponents [the actual result is in brackets].  WrestleStat is just one way to view using common opponents in a mathematical world.
125# Rayvon Foley over Malik Heinselman 11 - 5  [ACTUAL = MD 19-6]  Advantage: Sparty +1
133# Luke Pletcher over Anthony Tutolo 9 - 4  [ACTUAL = TB-1 5-4]  Advantage: Sparty +0
141# Joseph McKenna over Matt Santos 18 - 1 TF  [ACTUAL = TF 24-9 7:00]  As expected
149# Micah Jordan over Jaden Enriquez 18 - 5 MD  [ACTUAL = MD 15-6]  As expected
157# Ke-Shawn Hayes over Jacob Tucker 12 - 3 MD  [ACTUAL = MD 11-3]  As expected
165# Kaleb Romero over Austin Hiles 12 - 4 MD  [ACTUAL = Dec 7-4]  Advantage: Sparty +1
174# Drew Hughes over Ethan Smith 8 - 6  [ACTUAL = Smith over Hughes (upset), Dec 9-3]  Advantage: Buckeyes +6
184# Myles Martin over Cameron Caffey 13 - 5 MD   [ACTUAL = TF 22-7 5:33]  Advantage: Buckeyes +1
197# Kollin Moore over Nick May 16 - 4 MD  [ACTUAL = Fall 2:32]  Advantage: Buckeyes +2
285# Chase Singletary over Christian Rebottaro 10 - 4  [ACTUAL = MD 12-4]  Advantage: Buckeyes +1

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Thanks for the tweets Andy - Buckeyes roll once again 

Smashing Sparty in any sport is always nice.

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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As SL said, thanks for the tweets, that's how I kept up on it today.