Michael Thomas Shows Off Comedy Cult Classic-Inspired Shoes Ahead of Showdown with Defending Super Bowl Champions

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That's pretty dope. The saints better win if he's gonna rock those kicks though.

High and tight boo boo

8MileBuckeye's picture

Nick Foles should wear cleats with a goat on them.

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His Off-White "Cleat" customs last season were triple flames. And he was allowed to wear them in-game unlike these. 

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Easy to root for the New Orleans Buckeyes. Would luv to see the Saints and the Chargers in the Superbowl.

"Rest easy Woody theres a new sheriff in town"

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This is going to be a great game tonight and while I do love watching all Buckeyes play, it is going to be hard to beat the defending champs. Well, unless Mike goes off for 200+ yds.

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Turns out Mike had less than 200 yards, but not much less. Saints with the W though.

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Ok what does this have to do with football?

That's right, that's right, we bad

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Let me guess. You don't like rap so you thought your comment would be "clever and witty". Otherwise...the article here fully explains exactly what this has to do with football.