Tony Alford Will Remain At Ohio State As Running Backs Coach, Per Report

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Good to hear. I like Alford. 

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It is great news but the Dispatch is not really authorized to make official announcements on behalf of Ohio State.


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Good choice.  He’s a great coach.  

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I was wondering when this was going to be announced. I too like Alford. Seems the only outlier at this point is Stud (regardless of the rumors).

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I didn't realize he had been looking elsewhere. Would suck to lose him but I'm glad we are having him back for another year.

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I believe his stated intentions to coming to tOSU from ND was to become an OC/HC?

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Good. He has done a great job imo!

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Boom. No complaints here; I can't complain about the running backs Alford has produced during his tenure. Here's to hoping that Dobbins has a banner year, McCall finally makes a mark on the program, Teague grows a bunch and looks like the heir apparent, and the new guys learn all they can from him.

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Hopefully this was just a formality and he was never in any danger of leaving.. top shelf dude, human being, coach and fabulous recruiter.. Here's hoping he's a part of the next decade in Buckeye Nation...

Go Bucks!

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No brainer here. Glad to hear it 

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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Alien Life Form ?????

That it is

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Great to hear he's staying!

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His results speak for themselves. This was a no brainer. 

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I like his attitude.  He really knows how to bust chops

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Good news.  He's a great coach and a heck of a recruiter too!

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Sadly, I lost this news yesterday somehow. Great news for the Buckeyes!

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I had forgotten that he interviewed for the BG job.  Glad he will be back for another season.  

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What in the hell is happening with Brian Snead? Love some clarity on the situation. Academic? Team rules? Maybe it was a rule Urban enforced and Day is looking into further but there has to be something here. This mystery has gone on too long, someone please ask the question with Weber gone now. I am fully confident in Teague and want to see him play but the Snead story needs some transparency.

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Thank you.  I think he's a young LJ but on the other side.  I especially like the rapport-performance ratio he achieves with his group.  A very good man, not one to lose.