If UM Was Still HC, What Would the Staff Look Like?

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Davis gone and didn’t really seem like Grinch wanted to be here either, especially if Schiano had stuck around. 

Just posting and hoping my comment isn’t deleted. 

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Not so sure about Davis, but think Grinch still leaves.

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Probably the same but Schiano would have probably left and Grinch would have entered.  He might have even poached Mattison too.  

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He's not...so I don't care

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Who cares he's gone. let's put all our energy and faith with Coach Day..

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Urban Meyer-Coach

D-Coordinator Rex Ryan

O-Coordinator Kliff Kingsbury

Special Teams Coordinator Urban Meyer

WR Coach Brian Hartline

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Schiano would definitely still be here, unless he found a head coaching job he liked. Grinch probably would have still chased the $$$ at Oklahoma, which I don't fault him for one bit. Unless Billy Davis left of his own accord, he would have been retained for another year. As we saw this summer, it takes an awful lot for Urban to fire somebody, especially someone with whom he is close.

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This ^^^    There would have been very few changes except for what dignan describes.  

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What if Cooper was still the head coach?

Pain of Discipline

Pain of Regret

Take Your Pick

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LLLLLLLLloyd Carr would still be Lloyd Carr and would probably still be at michigan.

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Then there would be less visits to Mgoblog

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You can tell it's the offseason when the threads get overloaded in unanswerable hypothetical questions

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Lol. Sorry couldn’t help it. 

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The only real difference I would imagine is Schiano still as DC, Mattison & Washington would probably still have been added to the staff. Taver is the only wildcard in regards to Urban. 

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You have to figure Urban and Day at least had conversations about possible hires.  I'm sure Day picked Urban's brain at least a little.  This all might have shaken out very similarly with Urban at the helm.

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Ryan Day would not be here, but would instead be a head coach somewhere else.

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Urban Meyer was "Mark Richt" before Mark Richt was. 

New Day for OSU. Same noon for TTUN.

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It would probably be the same.I doubt he would have made any changes.jmo