Looking Back at the Records Dwayne Haskins Broke During His Lone Season As Ohio State's Starting Quarterback

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Missing him already.

"Give your dream an aspiration date."

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Knew it was coming. Could see it a mile away.  But still wish he would have stayed.

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka 'Aina I ka Pono. The life of the land is preserved in righteousness. (Hawai'i state motto) Aloha nui kakou.

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After today I'll get over it and move on.  But dag gonnit I wanted to see #7 slinging from the pocket next season...*sigh*

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This just in. Haskins was good

Damn it feels good to be a Buckeye

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Before this season, Ohio State had just one 400-yard passing game. Now it has six – and five of them came courtesy of Haskins

just Wow!

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Anyone see the BTN The Journey episode this year about Dwayne's relationship with his sister?  Man oh man, seeing him with his sister and parents shed quite a light on what a great person he seems to be.  I really love this Buckeye. 

Barney Fife lives, and he lives among us.  

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The song for Haskins and his contributions to Buckeye lore

"porque las estirpes condenadas a cien años de soledad no tenían una segunda oportunidad sobre la tierra."

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He and the offense single handily saved this season and turned it into the 2nd best in the Meyer era.  He left his mark as the greatest QB to play at Ohio State.  It just sucks he didn’t play earlier.  

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Simple, brief and perfect summary, 83. +1,000

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Thank you Dwayne Haskins 

Go Buckeyes 

Beat Michigan 

I saw Ryan Day hang 62 on Michigan...His hair was perfect.

Go Buckeyes Beat Michigan

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And to think that prior to this fall there was a crazy QB controversy! Glad it worked out for everyone involved...(mostly US). 

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I was on the Joey B bus. I can and will say I was slightly wrong. 

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Thank you, Dwayne, for a memorable season. I hope he ends up in a great situation in the League.

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I think he is now the GOAT's GOAT.

My favorite team? Whoever is playing TTUN.

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I'm very happy for DH and truly appreciate what a great Buckeye he has been.  The ride was short but sweet!  Best wishes in the NFL.

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What a talent- best Buckeye QB ever and it's not close.

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Imagine the numbers if he would have played the 2nd half against Tulane.  Or the 4th quarter against several teams.

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The brightest stars burn the shortest.

Helluva run, #7.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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either Drew Brees or Matt Painter

You do mean Curtis Painter, right?

Excellence and greatness will be remembered...there is no room for average. None. - Urban Meyer

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Joey Bosa

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Just wanted to take a moment to point out that the one record he didn't break, Haskins is still impressive when you look at the full stat line. Persa had a 73.5% completion percentage in 2010 and a 73.4% completion percentage in 2011. But he only attempted 302 and 297 passes in those seasons respectively. Haskins on the other hand, COMPLETED 373 passes this year of a possible 533. So, yes, his percentage was lower, but the margin for error was so much higher.

Also of note: Haskins TD/INT ratio was 50:8; Persa's were 15:4 and 17:7 in his two years. Take that as you will.

Go get your money Haskins! Best of luck!

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and I still feel that his best quality was NEVER getting flustered. I mean, he could get flustered, and knocked down, and then he'd just look over to the sideline with the same damn expression on his face, get the next play, and move on.

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Those few of us who watched the National coming out party for Trevor Lawrence as a TRUE FRESHMAN might be wondering how the last 2-3 years at tOSU might have looked (no dis to JTB).  There is a time to move forward with "generational talent" and a time to stick with the formula that seems safer. One of my deepest hopes for the upcoming Ryan Day era is a ruthless willingness to objectively evaluate talent regardless of 'dues paid' or seniority and put the best 22 on the field. Enough 'you've got to be able to block as a receiver before you can catch passes'. Time to catch passes so well that you don't need to block for running backs. Clemson showed us the blueprint, and Dabo is right when he says,"if little ole Clemson can do it, anybody can"!  It just takes the guts to defy "conventional wisdom" and put your most talented players on the field and then coach 'em up to be the team you want them to be.  Let's get this Buckeye train moving and show Clemson that anything they can do, we can do better!


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And may God richly bless Dwayne Haskins in his future endeavors. Greatest. Buckeye. QB. Ever.