Ohio State Wide Receiver Terry McLaurin to Participate in 2019 Senior Bowl

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That kids got 10 year NFL vet written all over him
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Exactly. I don’t think he will ever be a superstar but he’ll be a Nate Ebner type player and make a real difference in games. 

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Congratulations to Terry McLaurin!  If ever a player is deserving of recognition it is Terry, a selfless servant leader who never let his team down.  Go Bucks!

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He will run in the 4.40 range in the 40. 20ypc this year also. I think he has an NFL future.

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Belichek loves UFM. UFM loves  McClaurin. McClaurin gonna be a Patriot. (Not a Patriot fan just using football logic)

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Well deserved honor for both his WR'g ability and passion for Special Teams

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

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Go get some of that NFL money, Terry!

Va Buck

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Surprised Parris declined, think he had a lot to gain showing he is more than a speed gimmick in the NFL.

Equally surprised Dixon didn't get invited- think he is pretty talented.

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Parris had a pretty awesome year, and I think with his 40 time alone will lock him in as a 2nd pick.


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Yep, they snubbed Johnny Dixon.

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His name is not on the roster, so maybe they haven't updated it yet. I see Higdon is playing. Skips a bowl game and then plays in an all-star game? SMH. Truck Stop Fabio is on the roster, too.

I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late.

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Buck up and ball out, young man. Good luck to you.

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Good luck T-Mac, leave a boot print!

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He may not garner more than a 4-5 round pick but McLaurin should have a very nice NFL career. He’ll be a monster in special teams 

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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Hello, Hines Ward 


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Hello, faster and more athletic Hines Ward

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If my memory serves me correctly he had the nations highest Sparq score as a senior in high school.  I saw a 44” vertical on 1 website.  So if he posts a decent 40 time he should get some looks. 

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Players with sub 4.5 speed that run routes and don’t drop passes stay in the NFL.


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I feel like he was really underrated at OSU. Good size, speed, great blocker, great special-teamer, who developed into a reliable route-runner with pretty decent hands. Seems like he has the work ethic and attitude to be a good pro.

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This was one of the best years I can remember for the receiver group in so many different ways, in such a way long time.  Goes to show, the best can surface because of shit-storm volatility.

Congratulations, T-Mac

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One of my favorite buckeyes ever. A great leader, warrior, and selfless teammate. Best of luck big 83!

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