Dwayne Haskins and Brendon White Are Named Rose Bowl Players of the Game

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BW had himself a nice game today. Congrats to therealestbw0!

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Brendon White had a game. He made a huge difference at safety after he won the position.

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I hope Dwayne makes all the monies and has a good NFL career

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Jeffrey Okudah had an argument today, too. 

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Both played well and are deserving, but watching Okudah fly around and make plays was great to see. Hoping next season he transforms into a shut down corner with White cleaning up at safety.

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Brendon White had a very good game but I agree that Jeffrey Okudah could have gotten POTG.

BigBuckeye says Go Bucks
Muck Fichigan!!!

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White and/or Okudah were deserving. All I know is that secondary is gonna be nasty next year when you throw in Wade, Pryor, Proctor

Our Honor Defend

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As Chris Fowler said during the broadcast, Okudah was having a MONSTER GAME.

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Earlier this season never would have expected this honor for an OSU safety. Well done Brendon White, you did your father proud.

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White & Okudah - then Haskins

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So agree with others about Okudah.  White was great but Okudah made several outstanding plays that screwed up the huskies many times.  Between them both the back 4 made life hard for WA all game.  Too bad White missed out on the INT pic 6.

BTW, the official stats did not list an INT for the Buckeyes.  Did I miss White's or was I dreaming?

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Believe it would have been a safety due to coming on a 2-point conversion play.  Wondered myself why it wasn’t listed in the stats. Maybe the same reason, or the stats are just wrong.

Anyone know?

Btw, great to see Weber have some good runs!

Thanks Coach Meyer. A new Day has dawned. Go Bucks, beat ttun!

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Two point conversions are a weird twilight zone where stats don’t count. Probably because they don’t know how to score them - if a guy runs into the end zone you can’t give him a “TD”. 

More importabtly, White almost covered the spread single handedly if he ran it back and had us cover -7. 

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Haskins has a decent game, but maybe, just maybe, he doesn't want that to be the last piece of tape NFL coaches and GM's see before he declares. He was not consistently sharp, even though he made several great throws. 


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White was - in my book - the greatest pleasant surprise of the season. Didn’t see him coming, but made a huge difference down the stretch. 

Michigan sucks

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The offense only played in the first half....it disappeared in the second half

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Haskins got offensive POTG for reaching the 50 TD milestone and not for how he played overall. He was badly inconsistent, missing open receivers and forcing throws. Not always, but too much. The QB of a team, that got only 97 yards of offense in an entire half (I think that's what we had in the second half) almost by definition did not do enough. I'd have given it to Campbell, with Weber second choice.

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Just think .  Brendon White would never have started a game this season had it not been for a targeting call.  

Coaches were clinging to their old depth chart while White was wasting away on the bench.  I wonder how many other deserving players are wasting away on the bench.....linebacker comes to mind

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We'll see next year. Best Man Bill has to be gone. 

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Well deserved - congratulations to Dwayne Haskins and Brendon White.

Hindsight is, and in, 2020

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Congrats guy's but on offense Campbell and Weber, defense Okudah was right there . Should have been co-defensive players. 4th quarter leaves concern and questions for the whole off season. Go Bucks.