Legendary Purdue Superfan Tyler Trent Passes Away at 20 Years Old

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Sad to hear. Tyler was an inspiration to all. Boiler Up Tyler, Boiler Up.

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<insert sarcastic shot at Purdue's bowl performance>

Nah, I won't do it. Rest easy, Tyler. Buckeye Nation won't forget you any time soon. #ENDcancer

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So sad - what a great life he lived in such a short period of time. Thoughts and Prayers for Boiler Nation.

Focusing on Penn State !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Cancer sucks!!! Tyler Trent will live on in Purdue and the BIG TEN long after!!


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Omg...so sad...you helped Purdue beat the Buckeyes.. I was upset because we lost but happy for you..rest in peace in heaven

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I felt the same way. His smile after the Purdue game was the only joy I felt that night. 

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I know I am late to this post but I wanted to say:

Life is always, ALWAYS bigger than a football game.  If Ohio State losing a football game so that a dying person can have a wish or memory of a lifetime, I am fine with that.  This poor young man was taken way too early.  God bless his soul.  Rest in peace, Tyler.  You will be remembered forever.

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Prayers being offered for Tyler's family and friends.

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I hate that we lost that game to Purdue this year but I cant help but think of the joy it brought to him and in hindsight I think it was worth it. RIP Tyler.

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RIP young man! Boiler up

Go Bucks!

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Sad news! Prayers for TT and his family.

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Sorry to hear. His fight is over, but his spirit lives on. Rest in peace, young man.

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Damn.  If we had to lose I'm glad it was to that kid's team


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If we were gonna take an L from Purdue, this was the year to do it.

Rest in Peace, Tyler.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

I Believe In Ohio State.

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We were on the wrong side of the game but the right side of history. Rest in peace young man.

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Boiler Up T. T.  And F Cancer. RIP youngin.

The only true worry we should have about this 2019 team is this:

Why is Sevyn Banks wearing number 12?

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Rest in peace Tyler; prayers for you and your family. Cancer sucks; it fucking sucks. Boiler Up.

The only hard day was yesterday

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#F*ckCancer . Rest in peace Tyler #BoilerUp

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RIP Tyler Trent.  You have done more to inspire others during your battle with cancer than could ever be measured.  That was no more evident than that fateful night in WL when OSU came to town and the forces of the universe all seemed to be aligned against our Buckeyes.  When it was clear the Boilermakers were destined to win that night in October I shed a tear of happiness for you.  .  

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Always terrible when anyone succumbs to cancer, but especially for the people who handle it as well as Tyler did.  OSU doing its pare to support cancer, which needs to be kicked in the balls.  My whole life I have been anti-cancer and after dealing with a very close friend battling stage 4 breast cancer and another who passed in November from colon cancer, I enjoyed Tyler's story and even took the loss to Purdue, as well as Iowa's loss.  I have to make it back to Iowa for the greatest college tradition, aka the 1st Quarter wave. Now that I can no follow Mr Trent, I cannot wait to receive this. Thanks for everything:


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I'm not saying I was cheering for the Buckeyes to lose at West Lafayette, but after seeing Tyler and the interview he gave during the game, it was really hard to cheer against Purdue.  I saw him at their bowl game, and they said on TV it wasn't looking like he would make it to the game.  When I saw him on TV, I told my wife, he really doesn't look good.  Really sad to hear.  That kid put up one hell of a life and inspired a lot of people along the way.  I'm glad he's no longer suffering, and hope his family finds peace.  

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Rest In Peace, Tyler.

This hits hard.

Memento mori

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Rest in peace kid.

Cancer truly sucks.  May we find a cure.

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My condolences to the Purdue community, and thoughts and prayers to his family.

RIP, Tyler Trent.

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That kids excitement during the OSU- Purdue game made it very easy to pull for him and softened the blow from that beat down.  RIP.  

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I didn't really follow this saga closely -- I was out of town and couldn't watch the Purdue game (thankfully).  But from everything that I hear, he sounded like a good kid.  Very sad to hear he's passed.

On a different note, isn't it kind of odd that OSU's embarrassing losses the last two years both involved connections to terminally ill kids?  Iowa it was the waving to the hospital ward; Purdue it was this kid.  Not saying that really means anything.  Just a strange coincidence.

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Were they both on espn? I tell you this conspiracy runs deeper than most people can fathom.

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That win meant more to him than our Nati chances meant to me. Because of that, it does not bother me that we lost to Purdue at all. Rest in Peace Tyler, you have left a legacy at 20 that many of us won't achieve in a lifetime. God bless his family through this time.

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I was very sorry to hear this news yesterday and am glad that his story and his fight was brought to light.  RIP to a great young man.  

FU Cancer.

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Here is to your family young man, may they find peace and solace in the fact, you no longer hurt, and you rest in mother Mary's arms for the comfort you so earned...………  everytime we lose a human to this pestilence, it sets us back on a cure, I have taken some serious losses to this same monster, mother, father, brothers, nieces...…….  PLEASE DONATE TO THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY 

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RIP Tyler!


16-2 is SWEET!

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It would be a nice gesture if all the B1G football teams could honor him with a helmet decal next season. He fought cancer from such a young age and for a long time. The sting of the OSU loss wasn't as bad knowing it gave Tyler his greatest win as a Purdue fan.

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1) Pardon my french but fuck cancer

2) If watching the Boilermakers beat our ass gave him some comfort and enjoyment I was MORE than happy to spend the next few weeks moping around the house whining to myself about how bad they whooped us. Thats a small price to pay.

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RIP Tyler. Cancer is a horrible thing that no-one should go through.

To be honest, it sort of irked me at the time that the media was hyping him during the OSU game. It felt manipulative. But in hindsight perhaps it was his one last chance to be in the spotlight and be happy.

Sad news in any case.

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I live in Indianapolis, I was made aware (on a local sports talk radio show - Query and Shultz) a couple of months before the game and I have to say my heart goes out to his family.  I cannot take my mind to what his poor parents are dealing with, just horrible.  Like many on here the only bright spot in that entire, awful, horrible #hit show of a game was Tyler Trent.  I said this during the game and I'll say it again, if we had to endure that to put a smile on that young man's face, it was well worth it.  To have his family surround him and they all have that joyful moment together, to forget about his horribly short fate, it's well worth it.

Suffering through with these insufferable Purdue fans around me here these aren't words I've ever uttered but just for Tyler - BOILER UP!!! 

Godspeed young man, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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Downvote me but...I am glad he got to see a win over The Ohio State University before he had to go.


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Cancer sucks and 20 is WAY too young.  Known a few young people in my life that were taken away too early from this shitty disease.  Along with everyone else on here, if there was ever a good day for the Buckeyes to lose it was to Purdue, and gave Tyler the dream he was hoping for.

Blessed to be a Buckeye