Lifelong Ohio State Fan Ryan Jacoby Felt Like He Was “In A Dream” Signing With Buckeyes

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good for them,wanted to be buckeyes,well played men,well played !good luck .

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Good luck Big Guy...Be watching you on Game Day...Go Ryan Jacoby ...Go Bucks

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Congrats Ryan!  The first step is complete.  Now go be a great Buckeye.  

Fields of Dreams


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Steve Trivisonno has built a machine in Mentor and Jacoby is one of the better ones. Gonna make a huge impact in Columbus. 

Go get'em Cal Poppy - we are behind you !!

It's not a rivalry .............. it's a wreckoning.

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Is the coach related to Joe Trivisonno?

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Good lord!  How could,you ask for a more positive attitude, work ethic, etc?

Lov to see these young men's interviews!  The Buckeyes are bringing in the right kind of people!!  

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Can’t wait to watch this guy play, but his penmanship is atrocious.

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+1 - but look at the positive side - he'll probably end up with a medical degree.

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“You know how he is, he's a little crazy. So, he was probably sitting there with a second timer going down.”

That line about Cade Stover had me rolling.

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That was my favorite part of the article how after he tried to have his LOI in first, Case Stover actually beat him to it! Iron sharpens iron.

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Welcome to Buckeye Nayion!

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When the intended letter sits so closely to the wrong letter on a tiny cell phone keyboard.

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Love to see Ohio guys become Buckeyes. They get the rivalry. And it's represent Buckeye Nation first, NFL second.

My favorite team? Whoever is playing TTUN.

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Desire is a big part of it. He has the desire to get better by working hard and being a buckeye.

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Heart and attitude are sometimes more important than stars, plus he understands the rivalry with TTUN.

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This kid will make it because he wants it.


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His video from his junior year impressed me a lot. He definitely throws guys around. Very physical and he looks quite athletic. He needs some weight so I suspect he’ll RS.  I’ll be surprised if he isn’t a starter eventually.

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He seems to have all the necessary ingredients:

1) Really want to be at TOSU
2) Understand the rivalry
3) Play hard and finish

It's natural for an in-state talent, but the OSU beacon reaches far and wide.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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If Ryan is 6-5...whoever is to his left is pushing 6-8. Assuming that guy was a monster player as well? (Yeah...I didn't read the whole article...answer is probably there...I'm wrapping presents to myself)

"Give your dream an aspiration date."

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That’s Noah Potter. Yeah, don’t worry; he’s coming to tOSU too. 

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The last player I remember using the phrase “playing to the whistle” was A J Hawk.  As I recall he did some good things. 

Wow this is such bad ass old school enthusiasm. Hopefully when he finishes a block and pancakes a Wolverine the refs won’t call unnecessary roughness like  The game 2018. 


So his father must be about 6-7 plus from that photo