Signed: Cormontae Hamilton's 12-Hour Bus Ride Ends With Him At Ohio State

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Welcome aboard young man! We've got a nice stable of tight ends for you to learn your craft from, and that Kevin Wilson guy is a ok too.

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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Congrats for the kid for busting his ass to get what he wanted. I hope he has a monster career for OSU and the league.

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Beat me to it B&B.  With the effort this kid has already shown, he is going to be a success in whatever he chooses to do in life, and a credit to his family and this university.

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This is one recruit I don't get. His size is not what teams are looking for at TE. 


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Same size as Delanie Walker, who has been in the league for like 12 years.

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Looks a lot like the size of the Flowers kid that torched us in the OU game back in 17. I’m not going to judge a kid by his size until I see how he does on the gridiron in a game. 

Just posting and hoping my comment isn’t deleted. 

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BB Landers would like to speak with you


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BOOM !!  Gotta love this kids desire to be a Buckeye!


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WINNER all the way


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Talent and desire is a winning combination!  Congratulations!!

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I love stories like this, taking the  bus to go get an offer from ohio state.  He wants to be here and obviously knows how to work hard to get it, I cant wait to see him on Saturdays. 

Go Bucks!

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Might be one of my favorite BOOMS today. Love this kid's story and his dedication!! 

"Defiance in Silence" 


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peidiwch â ffycin gyda'r Cymry

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Welcome, Cormontae Hamilton!

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This young man is my favorite! Not because of stars or build. But his heart and soul was made to "Rock & Roll"! God bless you young man. From Buckeye Nation, welcome home!

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Thank you for your time and effort, we NEED these young men in the program more than most people would ever believe! It is not about the rankings anymore! Once signed is about the content of their character and their willingness to sacrifice to achieve the results they dream of and we so desperately hope for!

I would rather be on hand with 10 men then elsewhere with 10,000 - Timur Lenk

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Can.. can we fix the graphic to spell his name correctly?

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This is officially my favorite recruit of the class. He busted himself up from Memphis to earn an offer because he WANTED to be a buckeye wile yielding an offer from Alabama. This kid already has a special place in my heart. I dont care what his size is, his HEART will cover the difference.

"Life is not about how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. THATS HOW WINNING IS DONE!!" - Rocky Ballboa

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^^^ I completely agree and have been a huge fan of Cormantae Hamilton since the first time I heard of him.  The effort Cormontae made to get Columbus and earn his scholarship speaks volumes of the character of this young man.  Go Bucks!

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This is the type of kid that a few years from now makes a huge play in a If game and for the next few weeks we get to hear his feel good story of how he rode the bus to camp to get an offer. I truly hope he gets his moment. You can build a program around young men like this. 5 stars are great if they have the heart, but I really doubt you’ll find any recruits we picked up today with as much heart as this kid has. I’m not saying they don’t have it, but this kid is already proven. I think he’ll be special for us one day!

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