Musings on the Last Seven Years & Today

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We have been riding the wave of the golden era since November 24, 2001. I don't plan on stopping any time soon.

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Fuckin A.

To quote Rambo....


I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

I Believe In Ohio State.

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O-H Kee & Faux - From your lips to gods ears - Or to paraphrase Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High - “All I need are some cool waves; continued Buckeye victories and Wolverine tears and I’m fine”  


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I'm half expecting to wake up tomorrow and look back on this terrible dream where Urban had retired.

I do know we are an extremely fortunate fanbase. Basically two rough years (2004 and 2011) out of the last 18. Two legendary coaches. If Day turns out to be great then that will remove the sting from today.

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What is sad is the hate and criticism Meyer has taken from OSU fans on this site and other forums. Fans expected unrealistic results that no OSU coach ever had to deal with. Tressel lost 6 of 7 bowl games to the elite teams in USC,Texas, UF , LSU and was never crtiicized by fans like Urban has been.

Florida fans hate Meyer despite him bringing them 2 NC. Its sad how dumb and sick fans are.

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Tressel went 6-4 in bowl games. His losses to USC were in the regular season. 

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I do believe we're in the golden age of Buckeye football and thst age started once John Cooper was gone.  And I believe the next two years will go a long way in determining how accepting this fan base is to Ryan Day.

I'm initially concerned about next season.  If Haskins leaves, we've got a new QB.  If Weber doesn't come back, we have only one proven RB.  We know we'll lose Prince, Knox, and Pridgeon off the OL and Campbell, McLaurin, and Dixon from Zone 6.  Those COULD BE some big losses.  That said, we've recruited well so the guys like Babb, Gill, Teague, Martell, Baldwin,… are supposed to be able to step right in.

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Well written, this may be the crash or the wave may carry us higher. I am young and know only Urban. I understand OSU won't stay at this level forever I hope to keep riding this wave until Ryan Day decides his trio of titles isn't enough and goes to win a super bowl. I hope your son will experience what I have, The Ohio State Buckeyes dominating every year.