Demetrius Knox Pushed Back Surgery, Told Doctors He Couldn't Miss Big Ten Championship

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Get well soon, we miss you already. #stayscootin

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Hell be a great pro for a lucky team #GoBucks

"Nobody despises to lose more than I do"

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Big Meech - true Buckeye. 

Prayers for a quick and total healing/recovery; then go get paid big guy!

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Man, what a dude, what a teammate. Get better meech

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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This is the heart of a true leader. Nick Bosa, where are you?

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Not sure where he is right now, but I know he’ll be in San Francisco in a few months making bank. 

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Not really comparable situations mate. 

"Because I couldn't go for three"

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You know this post is gonna open a can in regards to dedication to team and your mates.

Urban Cowbuck

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Good Luck...Big Guy...The Bucks will miss you...Go Demetrius...Go Bucks

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Team player, right there. All Buckeye. I remember his recruitment and commenting on 11W before he enrolled. Nice young man. Get well soon, Meechy. 

Let it be written that D. Knox did not bail out on his fellow teammates. 

"If you're not changing, you're falling behind."

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.wow. now this is a true warrior and team mate...not some guy in san diego watching tv with his older brother. didnt think id ever be negative about it, but it is truly nauseating


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The precise definition of classy behavior, which is undoubtedly based on good character.  Good examples and exemplary behavior are hugely important, and I am thankful that younger guys like Wyatt Davis are seeing it first hand.  In addition to the entertainment we spectators or fans of the university and all its programs enjoy, we get the benefit of life lessons and inspirational actions, too.  

Sam Ogilvie

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True Buckeye. Good luck big guy.

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Hoping for a full recovery. Gotta take care of the dust in here.

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DIfferent circumstances for sure, but this is how you handle the disappointment of an injury like that.  You help your team!  I was talking to a number of network and B1G conference officials at the game last night in Indy, and many of them asked about Nick Bosa’s decision.  Not many of them thought it was the right thing to do for the team and university - even if he didn’t want to play again.  You stay and support your teammates.  

I lost my entire junior year of high school basketball with a broken arm - I went to every practice and sat there at the end of the bench at every game.  I wish Nick Bosa well in his NFL career.  He was a great college football player and I am glad he came to OSU.  I just wish he would have stayed and cheered/helped his OSU teammates.  That’s what a Captain should do IMHO.

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Now that is a team player! Proud of him and wish all thought like him. Good luck to you young man you just became one of my favorite Buckeyes!


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Thanks for everything Meech, your mentorship must have paid off, I did not hear Davis' name called one time.  High praise for an O lineman 

"What is our aim, I can tell you in one word. Victory" Winston Churchill

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Excellent Buckeye career Meech!  Thanks for all you've done - classic Buckeye.  Good luck in the future, and heal well!