Three Things - Indiana

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October 14, 2012 at 11:12 pm

I had a day to stew on this, but I had to post some thoughts on the Indiana game.  I can not give you five coherent observations and analysis like Chris, you will have to settle for three random ramblings:
1) Officiating - I hate to "blame" things on the stripes, but was Mike Hart the replay official Saturday?  The onside kick recovery still leaves me scratching my head... clearly one foot was down before the ball was shoved back onto the field.  Even worse was the overturned interception.  if anything the review showed Bryant had his hands between the ball and the ground before he was able to secure it.
2) Too Big to be Missed? - Where was Big Hank?  He made a huge impact on the game when he was in, as usual.  However, he was out on Shane Wynn's big TD and I started to look for him  more after that... he seemed to be taking a lot more snaps from the sideline than on any other game.  If that was really the case it does not surprise me at all that the Silver Bullets gave up a season high in points.
3) Guiton Knows O - Once again Kenny comes in and the offense really clicks.  It is clear to me that he makes dramatically better reads than Braxton and has a better grasp on the offense.  I am not implying that I want someone other than Braxton under center, but i do believe that what Braxton is doing now with his other-worldly athleticism is just scratching the surface of what this offense could be.

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