Wishing Braxton the best of Luck

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November 9, 2011 at 9:00 pm

According to ESPN's NFL Analyst, the two greatest things in the world (in order) are Andrew Luck and Sliced Bread.  There are too few superlatives in their lexicon to describe his greatness.  There has never been a pro prospect with as much potential as Andrew Luck.  He is so good, they cannot classify his greatness... get the point?

Meanwhile, OSU is stuck with a pittance of a passing offense.  Fans are just happy if a pass is attempted once every five minutes.  Let's do the impossible and compare a non-Andrew-Luck speciman (Braxton Miller) to the scrumtrulescent Andrew Luck.

In six starts (half a season) he's thrown 74 attempts and harbors a completion rate of 51% with 6 TDs and e Ints.  Extrapolate that out to a 12 game schedule (umm, multiply by 2) and we have a projected stat line of 148 attempts with 12 TDs to 6 picks.  Definitely pathetic when compared to Andrew Luck; this explains why OSU has a running oriented offense.

How did Andrew Luck fare his true freshman year?  He didn't play.  That's right, the greatest thing in the history of all things was sentenced to the bench.  What did his second year wraught in 2009?  A paltry 56% completion rate and a Braxtonesque 13 to 4 TD to Int ratio.  All this in a conference not known for the defense.  Remember the RB Heisman candidate Tony Gerhart?  He was the core of the Stanford offense; yep, like Braxton's first year, the offense revolved around the run.  And, even with a future NFL MVP at QB, a future NFL coach (Harbaugh) and a future NFL RB, Stanford finished 2009 with a mediocre 8-5 record and 4th in the Pac-10.

Even the great QB draft picks take time to develop.  Yes, Braxton will be lucky to end up with double digit touchdowns, but so was a second year Andrew Luck.  There's only 4 teams in the nation starting True Freshman QBs, three are terrible and one is in Big Ten title contention.  OSU won the 2008 Big Ten during Pryor's true Freshman year; I challenge you readers (because I'm too lazy to look this up) to find the last time a BCS team won its conference with a true freshman at the helm.

Stop complaining about the excessive runs, Braxton is doing just fine.  Let's wish him the best of Luck.

(by the way, if anyone knows what scrumtrulescent means Will Ferrell will be proud)

Join me next week when I compare Joe Bauserman's value to Andrew Luck's.  I may need help.

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