Which Big Ten Team Is Your Favorite?

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October 16, 2012 at 4:38 am

Despite all the bad press, the Big Ten teams have some of the best fans in the country.  When you get great universities that pump out lots of great degrees, the students spread across the country and accomplish great things.  I've lived in Las Vegas and now Los Angeles and I see OSU attire everywhere.  At work (lots of engineers from OSU out here)... On the beach (who doesn't love the beach)... OSU bars (yes, even three time zones away you'll find fully dedicated OSU bars)... and probably at church (I don't know, I don't go)

That’s right; we get an education and spread across the country.  Hell, I’m so smart I even used a semicolon in the preceding sentence and the word disposition in the next paragraph.  (Wouldn't be ironic if I misspelled education?)  Engineering is fun, but I long for the days I can work in the B1G.  Despite the national gloom cast upon us, Jim Delaney’s 401k grows by the hour.  Kirk Ferentz makes $3.5 per win, making him the nation’s only non elite coach with an elite retirement house.  Remember Jim Bollman?  He made $300,000 as the nation’s premier 3-and-out coordinator.

Sometimes when fans move across the nation they run into an identity crisis, they simply forget their roots.  But, while your disposition, likes, and surroundings change throughout the years... you're still a good 'ol midwestern Big Ten fan.  Therefore, I've devised a fool-proof logic chart to help these wandering B1Gers trace back their roots.

(NOTE: I didn't realize I'd have to shrink it for the article.  CLICK HERE for full size)
It's FoolProof!!!

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