Sit Back and Enjoy the Championship (Oversigning) Bowl

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December 4, 2011 at 10:25 pm

The College Football National Championship game is around the corner, happens every year.  And, we all know this is the first time both representatives reside in the same conference... and yes, it's that impressive SEC conference again.

The SEC conference is impressive, just look how they fared against the B10 last bowl season... A damn good Buckeye squad gave it their all to edge out Arkansas.  Mich St, the Co-B10 Champion (on paper at least), were overpowered, overmatched, and overwhelmed against the 4th best team in the SEC West Division, you know them as Alabama.  And, for comic relief, Miss St. hammered Michigan.

What you don't know about (from ESPN at least) is OVERSIGNING.  This blog and have hammered the issue, but it somehow eludes the national sports media.  Here's a quick breakdown: Oversigning: offering more scholarships than available spots. FBS teams have 85 scholarship spots; a spot is available when a scholarship player either: 1) graduates, 2) leaves early for the NFL, 3) kicked off the team, 4) transfers, 5) medical hardship, 6) Other... For SEC schools, the latter 4 happen a lot more than the Big 10.

Ok, where's my soapbox?  In the last four recruiting classes, which exclude 5th year seniors, here are the scholarships.  Ohio State - 78.  Alabama - 113. LSU - 105.  All three teams that recruit great players, but Alabama and LSU seem to have an extra recruiting class or two to make up their rosters.  The forgotten players just transfer outThe bigger the talent pool, the greater the end product... hence, the top SEC schools are consistently better than OSU and co.

Last year OSU was pretty impressive (minus Wisconsin's first half).  Could you have imagined the sheer dominance of Pryor's/Tressel's final year (sigh) if they had 36 more top recruits to fill the roster.  Why do I say 36?  Because that's how many more recruits Arkansas had when they met in last year's Sugar Bowl.  This makes OSU's January win (I mean July loss) that much more impressive.

Coaches like Tressel and Paterno's kid speak out against it, but don't put them on a pedastal... Big Ten rules prohibit it.  Hire them in the SEC and they'll master the Oversigning Arts just to stay afloat.

Either the NCAA needs to step in and prevent schools from treating kids like commodities, or the B10 needs to join the club.  The NCAA legislates everything from restricting a recruits's bagel toppings (not a joke) to free tattoos, hopefully SEC vs. SEC will give them the wakeup call to address oversigning.  Remember, it's the NCAA... don't hope too hard.

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