OSU Kickoff times - Weird Stuff

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October 17, 2013 at 4:35 pm

UPDATE: According to 11W Staffer Kyle Rowland (comment below)

The Purdue, Indiana and Illinois game times have not been announced. The Big Ten will announce those decisions two Mondays before the game. For example, Purdue will be announced this coming Monday.

Original Story: Apparently there's a digestive track for kickoff times, they aren't announced everywhere at once.  They slowly permeate throughout the interwebs.
For some reason only FoxSports.com has them listed on their game pages.  Yet, the OSU team page on Fox Sports doesn't have the times listed.
And, for some reason, no one else has them listed. (Such as ESPN or tOSU's official site)...

More weirdness...
Google (on google.com, duh) 'Ohio State schedule' you will get a drop down box of their kickoff times and only their next two remaining games have posted times...
Yet, if you go to Bing.com and search 'Ohio State Schedule' they show the next 5 kickoff times.  Take that Google!!!! 

Date Against Time (ET) TV
Oct 19 vs Iowa 3:30 PM ABC
Oct 26 vs Penn State 8:00 PM ABC
Nov 02 @ Purdue 12:00 PM —
Nov 16 @ Illinois 1:00 PM —
Nov 23 vs Indiana 12:00 PM —

For all you Los Angelenos (or Pacific Time zone Dwellers), we get three subnoon starts in a row.  Woohoo!  OSU game on the tele, then off to the beach (we don't have winters :) ).

I don't know why, But Indiana scares me.  OSU gives up lots of passing yards to running teams... Indiana is a Passing team.  Dear OSU Secondary, please practice very very hard...
Enjoy the kickoff times.

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