OSU Defense: The Dead Horse Beaten Edition

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January 4, 2014 at 10:24 pm

Urban Meyer wants a top ten defense... I'd settle for #11.  Here's Why:

  • Teams can't win titles without a great defense... OSU's defense is not great, it's not bad, it's horrendous.
  • It's they gave up 16 TDs in the last 3 games bad.
  • It's Illinois, in the midst of a 20 game B1G losing streak, scores 35 points bad.
  • It's Michigan is having the worst offensive season of our lifetimes but still zings OSU for 600+ yards and 41 points bad.
  • It's 1-11 Cal scoring there only game beyond 30 points bad.
  • It's 1-7 in the B1G Northwestern passing for 85% bad!
  • It's OSU must score at least 35 points to beat a below average team and nearly 50 to defeat a good team bad.

Being in Los Angeles, I made the trek up to Berkley to see the Fightin' Guitons defeat Cal 52-34.  I was instantly amazed at Cal's quick strike - no huddle offense.  Jared Goff torched the then heralded elite OSU secondary for 371 yards and 3 TDs (and another should've been TD that was dropped).  Post Game synopsis: "Cal may not be the greatest team, but they're gonna score lots of points"...
Nope: 34 points was the most Cal scored all year (vs. FBS) and nearly twice their PAC-12 average of 19.  In the we-barely-play-defense-Pac 12 Goff Averaged 245 yards and 1.2 TDs per game en route to their laughable 1-11 (0-9 Pac-12) season.  I know you're curious; their sole win was a 37-30 edging of FCS Portland State.  Cal was hapless, yet OSU needed 5 TDs for the W.
Unfortunately, a below average QB moving the ball up and down the field at will was the theme for the once heralded Silver Bullets.
Where is all the talent on defense?

  • Pete Fiutak noted that Alabama has 32 4 & 5 star Defensive recruits the last 4 years.  Sounds impressive, except OSU has 34 4 & 5 star defensive recruits in the same span.
  • Where did all the depth go?  (Typically, when you out recruit Bama you shouldn't be bereft of backups)
  • Is it just bad coaching?  I thought Cal's offensive coordinator was amazing, he had that secondary fooled all night.  Even Roby was duped...  Of course the secondary's "off night" turned into an "off season."
  • Fickell was an amazing Linebacking Coach, so his talents should translate to Defensive Coordinating.  Then again, if you're an exemplary waiter, does that make you a superb Maitre'D?
  • Fickell and Withers (funny how we forget they were CO-DC's) built the nation's 102nd best Pass Defense without the 102nd best recruits or the 102nd best facilities or the 102nd paid coaching staff.

Bottom Line: OSU's defense is closer to Indiana's than Alabama's.
Stop Blaming Braxton Miller for the loss(es)
Braxton is an amazing college QB.  Next year He would start on all but ~10 of the 123 CFB teams.  Yet, for some reason 11W posters blame Braxton... :(

  • It's not his fault that 35 points is no longer good enough for an OSU victory.  FACT: Going into the game, everyone KNEW that 35 points wouldn't suffice... when was the last time an OSU fan thought that?
  • It's not his fault OSU lost the B1G title game; somehow dropping 24 points against the best defense in America with a Jim Bollman led Offense ain't good enough.
  • Put an AVERAGE defense (say Arizona State's) on the team and OSU wins the national title... and Braxton is the most cherished Buckeye of your lifetime.

PS - Cal Fans are lame.  Northern California (or NorCal to the locals) is too busy growing organic Kale to care about football.
PPS - OSU's Pass defense will likely drop below 102 via predictable to all but OSU Sammy Watkins bubble screens.  102nd is regular season only.  You get the idea.

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