OSU 1 and Done? It has happened...

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March 15, 2012 at 12:03 am

Ohio state is a #2 seed.  History says #2 seeds only have a 96.2% chance of victory.  Tasting victory a mere 104 times out of 108 opportunities.  Ok, you can smell the sarcasm... but #15 seeds have won 4 times.

#15 Seeds are never feared, they are the unwanted, the untalented, and the overmatched.  But it has happened. 

OSU's chances of losing are slim to none... BUT IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE.

It's so rare that we can take a stroll down memory lane and see what actually went right for the four lucky number 15's.  You'll learn more about the lucky #15 seeds than you ever needed to know.

Enjoy :)

The Pioneer:

Until something is accomplished, it is thought to be a mere impossibility.  For years radio was considered a wireless morse code transmitter and nothing more.  Yeah, it let the Titanic tell the Carpathia it struck a 'berg, but there were no 9th callers.  Then a little unknown, Edwin Armstrong, came along and showed RCA what is now modern FM radio.  He never made any money off the idea (RCA made a crapload) and Armstrong, much like the second round fate of all #15 seeds, plunged to his death a penniless pathetic has-been.  Here is the Edwin Armstrong version of the #15 seeds.

1991: (15) Richmond 73, (2) Syracuse 69

Dick Tarrant's Richmond Spiders were famous giant killers: in 1984, Richmond downed Charles Barkley and Auburn; four years later, defending champ Indiana got caught up in their web. The '91 upset of Syracuse, however, was Richmond's greatest hit. The Spiders became the first 15-seed to down a number two seed. More importantly, it was the first year that CBS had the rights to the opening round of the tournament. Richmond shocked the world, in prime time, on network television, and CBS has paid the NCAA billions to keep every game on its airwaves since.

The CopyCats:

Richmond set the tone for the nobodies, it was only a matter of time before other unrecognizable craps refused to go down without a fight (until the 2nd round).  Speaking of crap, since when did/does Santa Clara have a basketball team?

And here's a nice Jeopardy question: This state contains the campus of Coppin State.  What is Maryland?  Coppin State not only won, but by a baker's dozen.  A feat so amazing, you get to see their picture... ehh

1993: (15) Santa Clara 64, (2) Arizona 61

In one of the biggest upsets since the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament began seeding its teams in 1979, unranked and unheralded Santa Clara stunned Arizona, 64-61, tonight in the first round of the West Regional.

The Broncos (19-11), champions of the West Coast Conference and seeded 15th among the regional's 16 teams, fell behind by 13 points in the second half before mounting an improbable comeback. It was only the second time that a 15th-seeded team had won a game since the tournament field was expanded to 64 teams in 1985.

1997: (15) Coppin State 78, (2) South Carolina 65

What the H?No tradition, no chance. Coppin State never had won a game in the NCAA tournament
and, with a first-round pairing against mighty South Carolina, it didn't look like that was about to change.

Do you believe in miracles?
This game wasn't expected to be close, and it wasn't.

``We didn't even know it was South Carolina out there,'' said Reggie Welch, who had 15 rebounds as the Eagles held a 41-30 rebounding edge. ``We kept on getting confidence, and before you knew it, we were up. We took it five minutes at a time — there's five minutes, there's five more.''  Before they knew it, the Gamecocks' time was up, eliminated by a team whose last previous game against a big-name Division I team was a 36-point loss at Illinois.

Last in the Lineage:

It's been a while since a #2 seed looked like a number two.  I was a freshman at tOSU getting free drinks at Quarters because my 6'4" floormate Omar was the bouncer.  Wait, was that really 11 years ago?  Now I'm living in L.A., married to a beach blonde, addicted to rogaine, Quarters is now the site of Buffalo Wild Wings, and Steve Belasari is probably their head chef.  Anyway, the last time this happened, kids still knew what 'Please be kind, rewind' meant.

2001: (15) Hampton 58, (2) Iowa State 57

Some homecoming for Larry Eustachy. His team came out flat, the fans cheered for his opponent and Iowa State became another first-round upset victim.

Tarvis Williams flipped in a 4-footer in the lane with 6.9 seconds remaining as 15th-seeded Hampton stunned second-seeded Iowa State 58-57 in the NCAA West Region on Thursday night.
Williams took a feed from Marseilles Brown and moved the Pirates (25-6) into tournament history as the fourth 15th seed to beat a No. 2 seed since the tournament expanded to 16 seeds per region in 1985.

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