Jim Bollman (Dead Horse Beaten)

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September 11, 2013 at 1:47 am

Ok, I get it. We all get it. Jim Bollman was, is, and forever shall be a terrible football mind.  Jim Bollman was so bad... How bad was he?
He was so bad ElevenWarriors devoted several articles highlighting the black belt of ineptitude.

Fortunately, we no longer suffer from Bollmanitis and I am blessed to have a co-worker who is a diehard MSU fan.  When they hired Bollman I gave him a bit of advice: fear that man.
At OSU, Bollman was equipped with top-10 recruits, future NFL WRs & RBs, and Heisman worthy QBs.  MSU has none of these.
Elliis, unaware of Bollman's unique abilities, wrote an article about the ineptitude of the MSU offense.  No need to click the article, I copy/pasted the intro.  Enjoy the ongoing battering of this lifeless equine.

The Michigan State offense has become a bad joke. It's almost a hackneyed routine to try and put down the Spartans and their inept offense.
"Michigan State's offense is so bad ... "
("How bad is it?")

  • It is so bad MSU's defense is beating it in touchdowns this season four to two.
  • It is so bad that the Spartans played a game of musical chairs with their quarterbacks Saturday.
  • It is so bad that it only managed seven offensive points against a defense that gave up 53 points to McNeese State - an Football Championship Subdivision program - last week.
  • It is so bad that the fans were disappointed when the MSU defense forced a punt, because it meant the team's best scoring option had to leave the field.
  • The sad part is, those aren't punch lines. Those are facts.
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