Arkansas learned from Tressel's exit

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April 14, 2012 at 6:54 pm

Ok, this is a College Football blog so the 4 people that read this already knew about Bobby 'Admiral Moron' Petrino.

Anyway, this reminds me of springtimes past when the 'Tressel Knew' Story hit the waves.  Boy oh boy, don't we remember.  But, OSU, full of resiliance and vigor, stood by there Championship winning man.  Of course, that only bought time for the sports media... not OSU.

Since ANY top 10 program has skeletons jammed packed in a closet, any investigative journaling team (SI, Yahoo!, and Not ESPN who doesn't really believe in exposing teams because it has to pander to the SEC and not reveal that Trent Richardson's umemployed dad somehow got a luxury SUV during Trent's Heisman chase... then again were also oblivious that a man with no income, Pryor, had 7 luxury car rentals until the very end).

The phrase 'no-news is bad news' did not apply.  Remember Ray Small, espnW for some reason, Sports Illustrated's BS piece 'How Deep it went'?  This led to Tressel's resignation, and this, and this, and then more worries... But nothing as abysmial, horrifying, and downright demoralizing as THIS ARTICLE (note: do not read if you have a weak stomach, if you are prone to flashbacks please consult your physician before clicking).

Arkansas, in spite of a lack of NCAA troubles, did the right thing.  If a guy on the payroll makes $1M or more, they should no to do the right thing.  Don't let the menacing media get the upper hand.  They also found the snake in the woodpile and made it disappear.  That's something even Paterno and co. didn't; that probably cost them a recruit or two.

Whoever Arkansas' AD is, he's obviously smarter than Gene Smith.  I bet $10 he doesn't spend 4 months bragging that the NCAA won't give them a big punishment.

That's all I really have to say, nothing profound.  Oh, completely unrelated, here's the most amazing card trick you will ever see in your life.

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