The Last of the Tresselites

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May 30, 2014 at 2:18 am

In high school my devoted sophomore history teacher was set to retire.  His biggest fear was becoming a member of "The Who."  For years he saw teachers devote over 30 years as a teacher, coach, mentor, and leader; yet, when he'd mention their name 2 years after their retirements, the newcomers would all say, "Who?"

Jim Tressel was an institution during my days in Columbus.  Students would dress up for game day in Sweater Vests, make parade floats of his likeness, & drink to his greatness.  Minus the sweatervests, the same holds true for Urban Meyer.

Being a student during the during Tressel's "National Championship and Troy Smith" Golden Era, I thought Tressel's might would grip central Ohio for a quarter century.  Yet, his culture has all but been replaced.  Do you know the significance of the following players: Rod Smith (RB), J.T. Moore (TE), Daryl Baldwin (OL), & Russell Doup (S)?  They are the last men who ever sat in a Jim Tressel Locker room (and they all red shirted 2010).  To be fair, Joel Hale & Eric Kramer enrolled in the spring of 2011, so they were present for Tressel's last spring game (which was so thin on OL, they couldn't form two offensive sets).

Funny thing about Tressel, while he won lots of B1G titles, a national title, won 90% of his Michigan games, and, sans Tat-Gate would've been favored for a 2010 title... we really don't miss him.  Utah & Florida miss Urban Meyer, Michigan still misses Lloyd Carr, Stanford misses J. Harbaugh, Arkansas misses Bobby Petrino, Rutgers misses Greg Schiano, Oregon misses Chip Kelly, & USC still misses Pete Carroll.  Funny how winning eases the transition of replacing an icon (I'm looking at you Urban Meyer).  OSU struck coaching gold twice in a row (excluding Fickell's no win situation); a rare feat in college football.

A year from now, ask any Buckeye player their thoughts on 'JT,' and they will respond "Who?."

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