Weekly Adult Beverage Review: Great Lakes Nosferatu

If ever there was a beer I'd like to drink while watching our Buckeyes stomp a mudhole in Rutgers' ass, it would be Great Lakes Nosferatu.  It's a fall seasonal from the always amazing Great Lakes Brewery.  An imperial red ale with relatively high IBU (70 to be exact).  I was quite sk...
23 Oct 2014

Weekly Adult Beverage Review: Yuengling Family

For it being an Ohio State bye weekend, I thought it turned out ok.  Watching Purdue nearly ruin our dreams of beating a highly ranked MSU team almost ruined it, but they held strong.  Then I had to watch the train wreck that is Michigan football with quite a buzz on.  I was in full t...
16 Oct 2014

Weekly Adult Beverage Review: Elysian Punkuccino

Well, bros, it's been a long week and I've been behind on some stuffs.  With a 2 month old and a big boy job, last week just didn't offer up the time to enjoy any drinks of any sort.  On top of that, I had to get my family time in since I was attending the game last Saturday.  Speakin...
09 Oct 2014

Your Weekley Adult Beverage Review: Allagash Black

I made the decision last week to review Stone's Imperial Russian Stout.  I was excited about this since I thought I could remember having it at one point in time.  There was a plan in place.  Since the Buckeyes weren't playing I obliged my wife by going shopping and test driving some ...
23 Sep 2014