Buckeye Charting Project - SDSU Offense

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September 14, 2013 at 12:11 pm

Some quick observations:
We were in 11 personnel (1 RB, 1 TE) pretty much the entire game, although Heuerman did split out wide regularly.
San Diego State blitz. A lot. We rarely saw only 4 rushers, but the line did an excellent job of picking them up the majority of the time.
We tended to have more issues on running plays - not because we were overmatched, but because our lineman had a hard time finding the right guy to block. Many times I saw a lineman come charging up to the second level to find... no one where he expected, as the LB filled in from a different angle to make the tackle. This was a problem several time when we ran Power.
Kenny Guiton is a model of efficiency, and lead the offense in Helmet Stickers, especially for his read game. He also seems to have a pretty accuracy arm within 25 yards and threw a pair of perfect touchdown passes at the long end of that range, but struggled several times on deeper go routes to Devin Smith.
Huge thanks as always to all who contributed!
Original Spreadsheet

Time Yard Line Down and Distance Play Type Player Yards
RB-TE Formation Play Number of Rushers Air Yards PASS Accuracy
Plus: Plus Minus: Minus
14 : 04 50 1 and 10 RUSH J. Hall 3
1-1 Pistol Left, TE Wing Dave Left Read?      
Plus: Minus:
At first I thought this was a standard IZR, but upon further review M. Hall actually pulled as though it were a Dave play. Braxton appeared tOSU be reading the OLB, sOSU I guess this is a Dave with a read.
13 : 48 SDSU 47 2 and 7 RUSH J. Hall 1
1-1 ???, ESPN was late IZR      
Plus: Minus:
Hurried up tOSU the line but didn't seem tOSU catch SDSU off guard. ESPN missed the beginning of the play sOSU hard tOSU say much besides that Hall ran intOSU a jumble of bodies for about a yard.
13 : 18 SDSU 46 3 and 6 PASS Heuerman 25
0-1 Empty, trips left twins right Slant tOSU Heuerman 5 11 CATCHABLE
Plus: B. Miller, Heuerman Minus: Linsley
Defense brought 5, but Brax does a great job of stepping up and drilling the ball tOSU his TE, despite the pocket being a bit unsettled around him. Linsley picks up a blitzer but actually gets blown back, nearly intOSU Miller. The ball could be a bit more in front of Heuerman, but it's quite catchable and JH does a nice job of catching it and staying in stride tOSU pick up some nice YAC and a big first down.
13 : 04 SDSU 21 1 and 10 PASS Philly Brown 6
1-1 Pistol Left, TE Wing Package Play - PA IZR WR hitch 5 1 DEAD ON
Plus: Minus:
PA IZR but Braxton pulls and hits Philly in the slot running a quick hitch. Philly was uncovered and the OLB tOSU his side bit on the run fake, sOSU it was either a very good play call or Braxton made the correct read on the package play (still hard tOSU be sure whether the QB is making this decision or if it's being signaled in). Philly makes a move and gets about 6.
12 : 40 SDSU 16 2 and 4 RUSH J. Hall 2
1-1 Shotgun Trips Rt, X split left Package Play - IZR with WR hitch      
Plus: Minus:
Appears tOSU be another package play, this time Braxton opts tOSU hand off tOSU Jordan instead of throwing the screen. there wasn't anyone unblocked on the end of the line but I think that was a result of the OLB staying back and worrying about the screen pass. Braxton probably made the right read not tOSU pull it because a safety was coming downhill at him tOSU fill.
12 : 25 SDSU 14 3 and 2 RUSH J. Hall 1
1-1 Pistol Right, TE wing Right IZR      
Plus: Minus:
Quick tOSU the line for an IZR. I think if Braxton keeps here he has an easy 6-8 yards and picks it up easily. Instead Hall runs intOSU a mass of bodies for 1 yard.
12 : 08 SDSU 13 4 and 1 PASS Miller 6
1-1 Shotgun Trips Rt, X split left Sprintout Y Corner, Z Curl, H Flat      
Plus: Minus:
Sprintout that gives Braxton a run/pass option tOSU get the first down on 4th and 1. Both the curl and the flat are open for the first down, but Braxton decided tOSU pick it up on the ground after about twOSU steps when he saw a bunch of green in front of him. I don't think it was the wrong choice. Obviously he gets hurt on the tackle, but I think he made the right choice tOSU pick up the first the sure way.
11 : 59 SDSU 8 1 and Goal RUSH Wilson 8
1-1 PIstol Trips Lt, X split Rt Speed option left      
Plus: Wilson, Fields Minus:
Dontre's first TD. Guiton forces the end man tOSU commit tOSU him, makes the pitch and it's speed, speed, speed tOSU the endzone.
11 : 49 SDSU 21 XP and Good      
Plus: Minus:
11 : 49 Kickoff and      
Plus: Minus:
Tackle by Pitt Brown and Marcus
11 : 37 OSU 45 1 and 10 PA PASS Philly Brown 3
1-1 Pistol Right, TE wing left Package play - Dave Left WR screen Right   0 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
OL and RB run dave left, Kenny gives PA fake and then tosses it out tOSU Philly. Brown tries tOSU juke out the DB, doesn't quite succeed, and gains 3.
11 : 14 OSU 48 2 and 7 RUSH Hall 2
1-1 Shotgun Right, TE Wing Right IZR      
Plus: Minus:
IZR, Kenny makes good read as OLB stays home.
10 : 42 50 3 and 5 Penalty M. Hall -5
1-1   False Start      
Plus: Minus:
10 : 23 OSU 45 3 and 10 PASS Philly Brown 4
1-1 Shotgun Twins left and right WR Tunnel screen   1 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
Big opportunity missed here. The tunnel screen had the whole middle of the field tOSU work with, and OL blocking downfield, but the throw was a bit off target and Philly turned upfield right intOSU a DB instead of continuing across the field tOSU use his blockers.
9 : 45 OSU 48 4 and 6 Punt Johnston 35
Plus: Minus:
8 : 48 OSU 44 1 and 10 RUSH Rod Smith 4
1-1 Pistol Right, TE wing Right Dave Right      
Plus: Minus:
Vannett led through the hole and Norwell pulled through behind. Decent gain.
8 : 06 OSU 48 2 and 6 RUSH Kenny G 5
1-1 Shotgun Trips Right, X split left Inverted Veer Right      
Plus: Guiton Minus:
Wilson in, looks like they want tOSU run speed option left again, but SDSU shows blitz on that side. They look tOSU the sideline and change the play tOSU inverted veer away and Kenny does a great job of riding the handoff and then keeping once the OLB committed tOSU Dontre. Nice 5 yard gain and was almost more but he got barely tripped up.
7 : 32 SDSU 46 3 and 1 RUSH Wilson 8
1-1 Shotgun Trips Right, X split left Inverted Veer Right      
Plus: Minus:
Same exact play call. OLB learns from last play and stays with Kenny, sOSU he hands off tOSU Wilson whOSU easily scampers around the edge for 8.
6 : 59 SDSU 39 1 and 10 PASS Rod Smith 10
1-1 Shotgun Left, TE wing left PA RB Swing PASS 5 1 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
PA tOSU Smith whOSU keeps running out on a swing pattern. TwOSU vertical routes from the twins left WRs and a crossing route from the right WR. Kenny takes the easy pass and lobs it tOSU Rod whOSU picks up 10 yards.
6: 28 SDSU 27 1 and 10 PASS Philly Brown 27
1-1 Shotgun Right, TE wing right Fade tOSU Philly 3 27 DEAD ON
Plus: Brown, Guiton Minus:
Beautiful throw and catch on the fade. Philly boxes out the DB and Kenny put it in the right spot. They got a hit on Kenny that they shouldn't have since they only brought 3 guys on a zone blitz and we had extra protection in.
Plus: Minus:
3 : 36 OSU 43 1 and 10 RUSH J. Hall 8
1-1 Pistol Trips Rt, X split left Speed option right      
Plus: Minus:
Another speed option that picks up an easy 8.
3 : 13 50 2 and 2 PASS Devin Smith (3) Penalty - Holding (10 yards)
1-1 Shotgun Trips Right, X split left Package Play - IZR with WR hitch screen      
Plus: Minus:
10 yard holding penalty on Chris Fields while blocking for the WR screen.
2 : 56 OSU 41 2 and 12 PASS Incomplete (intended for J. Hall) Inc
1-1 Shotgun Double Twins Shovel PASS Right      
Plus: Minus:
The defender whOSU is supposed tOSU be optioned off on the shovel pass dips under the pulling Hall instead of charging upfield. Hall lets him go, I assume because they are taught not tOSU block that man, as the pitch should handle him. That guy then sneaks by and, apparently recognizing the play or else getting lucky, destroys J. Hall before the pitch has even left Kenny's hand. I'm not sure of the pass interference rules on shovel passes, but this must surely have qualified. The pitch falls harmlessly tOSU the ground since Hall was already leveled before he could receive it.
2 : 38 OSU 41 3 and 12 PASS Devin Smith 16
1-1 Shotfun Trips left, X split right, RB wing right (empty?) Comeback 5 14 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
Corner blitzes, Kenny does a good job of throwing tOSU the open area and hits Devin on an easy comeback route for the first down.
2 : 07 SDSU 43 1 and 10 RUSH Kenny G 16
1-1 Shotgun double twins Inverted Veer Right      
Plus: Minus:
Nice read by Kenny. OLB was getting sealed by pulling guard and he struck it up the middle and found lots of space for a 16 yard gain.
1 : 32 SDSU 27 1 and 10 RUSH J. Hall 8
1-1 Shotgun double twins Inverted Veer Right      
Plus: Minus:
Good read, lots of space on the edge for Hall tOSU pick up 8.
1 : 00 SDSU 20 2 and 2 RUSH J. Hall 6
1-1 Shotgun twins left, TE tight right IZR      
Plus: Minus:
IZR, correct read, nice gain.
0 : 49 SDSU 14 1 and 10 PASS Philly Brown 10
1-1 Shotgun Trips left, X split right Sprintout left, Curl, Corner, Flat (Snag?) (hit the curl) 5 6 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
Hurried up tOSU the line, ran a sprintout and Kenny hit the open Philly on a curl which he turned up field for a few more and a first down.
0 : 39 SDSU 4 1 and G RUSH J. Hall 1
1-1 PIstol Right, TE wing right IZR      
Plus: Minus:
IZR, not much there.
0 : 05 SDSU 3 2 and G RUSH J. Hall 3 (TD)
1-1 ShotgunTrips Rt TE tight, X split left IZR      
Plus: Minus:
IZR, big push on the OL, Hall scores almost untouched.
0 : 03 SDSU 2 XP and Good      
Plus: Minus:
13:35 OSU 22 1 and 10 PASS Smith, Devin 0
1-1 Shotgun Right Trips Left   5 3 CATCHABLE
Plus: R. Smith, Heuerman Minus: D. Smith
Heuerman and R. Smith dOSU a good job of pass pro. The whole line gives Guiton time, but it's just 3 receivers with 6 defenders in coverage. Can't see the routes but it appears everything is left. D. Smith drops a pretty easy ball.
13:28 OSU 22 2 and 10 RUSH Smith, Rod 6
1-1 (slot) Shotgun Trips Left Inside Zone Read      
Plus: Minus:
R. Smith spins out of some traffic tOSU pick up 5 more yards. Line got a decent push.
12:52 OSU 28 3 and 4 PASS Spencer, Evan 10
0-1 (slot) Shotgun Trips Left Right Open Double slants 5 5 CATCHABLE
Plus: Spencer, Mewhort, Norwell Minus:
Heuerman is in the slot on the right. He and Spencer run mini-posts/slants on the right side. Heuerman gets doubled which opens up Spencer 1-on-1 behind him. Ball is only slightly behind him but it's the proper play by Guiton. Good pass prOSU by the O-Line (everyone is 1-on-1) and great job by Mewhort and Norwell tOSU pick up their proper guys on the outside blitz. Spencer gets 4-5 extra yards fighting after the catch.
12:24 OSU 38 1 and 10 PASS Smith, Devin 0 (INT)
1-1 Shotgun (heavy) Trips Left 9 route (right) 4 37 BAD
Plus: Heuerman, Decker, Mewhort Minus: Guiton, D. Smith
Great pass prOSU - both Heuerman and R. Smith block tOSU the left/trips side. SDSU only brings 4 and Guiton has plenty of time. Ball is underthrown and not given enough air - looks like a back shoulder on a 35+ yard throw. Lastly, D. Smith does a poor job of locating the ball and can't dOSU much tOSU try tOSU break up the spectacular, one-handed INT.
Plus: Minus:
8:01 OSU 23 1 and 10 RUSH Wilson, Dontre 18
1-1 (slot) Pitsol Right Open Speed Option Left      
Plus: D. Smith, Fields, Guiton, Wilson Minus:
2 WR left, 2 WR right if you count Heuerman in the slot as a WR. Guiton makes the correct read and Wilson has plenty of room thanks tOSU Fields and D. Smith blocking downfield. Mewhort an Linsley take on blockers in the 2nd level.
7:33 OSU 41 1 and 10 PENALTY Hall, Marcus -5
1-1 (slot) Shotgun Left Open False Start      
Plus: Minus: M. Hall
Marcus Hall does his best Shugarts impression. Can't tell if the WR are evenly split or trips left due tOSU camera angle.
7:12 OSU 36 1 and Sat Dec 30 1899 15:00:00 GMT-0500 (EST) RUSH Guiton, Kenny 3
1-1 (slot) Pistol Left Open Option Left      
Plus: Guiton Minus:
LB appears tOSU jump offside, but Guiton fakes him out with a fake pitch/juke. Option is tOSU the short side of the field sOSU he runs out of space after a few yards. Norwell and Heuerman sustain their blocks well.
  OSU 39 2 and 12 PASS Heuerman, Jeff 8
1-1 Pitsol Left H TE Flat 5 0 CATCHABLE
Plus: Linsley, Mewhort, Decker, Guiton, Heuerman Minus: J. Hall
Heuerman comes in motion from right tOSU left and sets up almost as an H back tOSU Gution's left. He slips intOSU the flat on the left/short side after chipping a LB quickly and Guiton throws almost immediately tOSU him. J. Hall completely whiffs on his block of the same LB which may have forced the quick throw. D. Smith had a chance for a downfield block but mostly just stands around after the catch is made. Heuerman runs well after the catch before being upended.
  OSU 47 3 and 4 PASS Smith, Devin 9
1-1 (slot) Shotgun Right Open   5 5 CATCHABLE
Plus: D. Smith Minus:
Heuerman in the slot tOSU the right. J. Hall stays in pass prOSU and undercuts his man. The line does a good job blocking but only a couple seconds are needed as Guiton finds D. Smith open along the left sideline. Ball is a little low but Smith makes the scoop for the first down.
5:40 SDSU 44 1 and 10 RUSH Guiton, Kenny 44
0-0 Shotgun Quads/Diamond Right QB Keeper      
Plus: Guiton, Mewhort Minus:
4 WR's right in a quad formation, D. Smith out left. Guiton immediately looks tOSU run and the play appears tOSU be designed towards the right. A huge hole opens up between Linsley and M. Hall. However, Guiton cuts back left at the line of scrimmage and follows Mewhort. Mewhort left his DE unblocked, and the DE went upfield vacating the area where Guiton cuts back to.Mewhort is then available tOSU provide a kick out block on the safety downfield. Guiton then makes like Braxton Miller and runs in for the TD.
EXTRA POINT SDSU 3 X and X KICK Basil, Drew  
-   Extra Point      
Plus: Minus:
Extra Point is good.
Plus: Minus:
4:40 SDSU 24 1 and 10 PASS Smith, Devin 3
1-1 Shotguns Trips Left Checkdown right 5 0 CATCHABLE
Plus: Guiton Minus:
Heuerman and R. Smith stay in pass pro. The line does another good job of giving Guiton time. Guiton fakes tOSU the right before coming back tOSU D. Smith at the line of scrimmage on that same side.
4:02 SDSU 21 2 and 7 PENALTY Norwell, Andrew -5
1-1 (slot) Pistol Right Open False Start      
Plus: Minus: Norwell
Norwell gets in on the J.B. Shugarts re-enactment.
3:47 SDSU 26 2 and 12 RUSH Hall, Jordan 25
1-1 (slot) Pistol Trips Left Option Left      
Plus: Spencer, J. Hall, Guiton Minus:
Heuerman in the slot left (joining Fields and Spencer on that side of the field). A slow(ish) developing option left. Guiton holds on as long as possible, then takes a hit as a pitches tOSU J. Hall. Hall maneuvers the sideline well tOSU the 1 yard line. Fields gets a decent block and Spencer completely takes his defender out of the play. Hall very nearly gets the TD reaching for the pylon.
3:21 SDSU 1 1 and 1 (Goal) RUSH Smith, Rod 1
1-2 (1 is a FB/H) Pistol Dave (Middle Run)      
Plus: R. Smith, M. Hall Minus:
This appears tOSU be the "power package" - Heuerman is covering the LT. Vannett is just behind them is a FB/H-back. Spencer comes in motion from the right slot and lines up just behind Decker. M. Hall does a good job pulling and the line does just enough tOSU open a hole for R. Smith. Smith then leaps at the 2 and lands on some bodies before rolling in for the touchdown.
EXTRA POINT SDSU 3 X and X KICK Basil, Drew  
-   Extra Point      
Plus: Minus:
Extra Point is good.
15:00 OSU 25 1 and 10 RUSH Hall, Jordan 8
1-1 Pistol Right Power Right 4    
Plus: Minus:
Guiton changes the call at the line. Jordan Hall runs through a nice hole on the right side. Everything lines up like it's supposed tOSU and he is three yards downfield before anyone touches him.
  OSU 33 2 and 2 RUSH Hall, Jordan 7
1-1 Pistol Right Power Right 5    
Plus: J. Hall Minus: Decker
Guiton moves Heuerman from the left tOSU the right side again. Exact same play as before, only Decker gets shoved back, preventing Norwell from being able tOSU block anyone when he pulls. Hall runs intOSU a wall, then bounces it outside for the first down.
  OSU 40 1 and 10 RUSH Elliott, Ezekiel -6
1-1 Pistol Open Option Left 4    
Plus: Guiton Minus: Fields
Guiton holds the ball until the last second then makes a perfect pitch tOSU Elliott, whOSU gets upfield very quickly. Unfortunately it's called back because of a facemask penalty against Fields
  OSU 34 1 and 16 PASS   -15
Plus: Minus: M. Hall
Guitons completes an out route tOSU Spencer near a first down, but Hall is called for illegal hands tOSU the face.
  OSU 19 1 and 31 PASS Smith, Devin 0
1-1 Shotgun Open Drop Back Pass 5   CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus: D. Smith
O-line gives Guiton plenty of time, but Devin Smith drops what would have been an 8-yard gain.
  OSU 19 2 and 31 PASS Brown, Corey 0
1-1 Shotgun Open Trips Right Drop Back Pass 5   CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus: C. Brown
Motion tOSU shotgun at snap. Good protection again, solid pass but Corey Brown drops it now. WhOSU greased the football?
  OSU 19 3 and 31 RUSH Elliott, Ezekiel 3
1-1 Shotgun Right Inside Zone Read 5    
Plus: Minus:
Guiton gives tOSU Elliott, whOSU is impatient and just burrows intOSU the back of the O-line for 3 yards. There wasn't a big hole, but he didn't give time for a crease tOSU develop.
  OSU 22 4 and 28 PUNT Johnston, Cameron 42
Plus: Minus:
Solid punt, nOSU return.
10:26 OSU 34 1 and 10 RUSH Elliott, Ezekiel 4
1-1 Shotgun Right Inside Zone Read 5    
Plus: Minus: Guiton, Decker
Started in pistol, motion tOSU shotgun. Guiton gives when he should have kept, DE gets a hand on Elliott tOSU slow him down. Blocking is not spectacular - Decker an Hall move the tackle well out of the hole on the double team, but Decker is slow tOSU get off tOSU take on the LB and he is the one whOSU makes the tackle.
  OSU 38 2 and 6 PASS Smith, Devin 5
1-1 Shotgun Left   5 6 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
Play action pass tOSU the quick comeback route is a little low, but D. Smith digs down for it.
  OSU 43 3 and 1 RUSH Elliott, Ezekiel 4
1-1 Shotgun Right Inside Zone Left 5    
Plus: Norwell, Boren Minus:
Elliot does a good job of finding the hole and hitting it hard. Norwell and Boren make picking that hole pretty easy on short yardage
  OSU 47 1 and 10 PENALTY   -5
1-1 Shotgun Right False Start      
Plus: Minus:
False start on Hall, but he doesn't get a minus. SDSU was in the neutral zone. This was a horrible call.
  OSU 42 1 and Sat Dec 30 1899 15:00:00 GMT-0500 (EST) PASS Smith, Devin 0
1-1 Shotgun Right GOSU route 4   BAD
Plus: Minus: Guiton
Motion from Pistol tOSU Shotgun. Drop back pass with max protection. We have 7 blockers tOSU 4 rushers. Guiton has all day tOSU throw but misses Smith short and out of bounds on the gOSU route.
  OSU 42 2 and Sat Dec 30 1899 15:00:00 GMT-0500 (EST) RUSH Elliott, Ezekiel 11
1-1 Pistol Open Right Option Right 4    
Plus: Minus: Heuerman
Guiton has a DE in his face almost immediately and pitches. Heuerman misses on his block, and Elliott is shoe-string tackled with more room tOSU run. The ball pops out but was ruled down by contact.
  SDSU 47 3 and 4 RUSH Guiton, Kenny  
1-1 Shotgun Open Left Scramble 4    
Plus: Minus: Mewhort
Motion tOSU shotgun. Pass - Mewhort is beaten almost immediately, and his man flushes Guiton out of the pocket. He goes out of bounds for a short loss when he is hit late, giving a 15-yard penalty
  SDSU 36 1 and 10 RUSH Ball, Warren 2
1-1 Pistol Open Right Option Left 5    
Plus: Minus: Fields, D. Smith
Option Left. Guiton makes the right pitch, but Elliott has nowhere tOSU go. Both D. smith and Fields completely fail at blocking
  SDSU 34 2 and 8 RUSH Ball, Warren 2
1-1 Pistol Right Power Right 5    
Plus: M. Hall Minus: Decker
SDSU blitzed the playside A-gap, but Hall picked him up well. It's the decision making by Decker I don't understand. He ignores the 5-technique tOSU move straight for the linebacker. But then he doesn't actually get tOSU the linebacker in time, and pulling Norwell can't get tOSU the 5-technique in time. I'm not sure if this was his assignment or confusion... every did git their hat on a defender, but not in good time tOSU make a hole.
  SDSU 32 3 and 6 PASS Wilson, Dontre 4
1-1 Shotgun open right. Quick out 5 4 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
Motion from pistol tOSU shotgun. Guiton throws a quick out tOSU Wilson, whOSU is tackled immediately. SDSU stunted and blitzed, but O-line picked it up well enough for the quick throw.
  SDSU 28 4 and 2 RUSH Guiton, Kenny 4
1-1 Shotgun open right. Inverted Veer 5    
Plus: Guiton, M. Hall, Decker, Heuerman Minus:
Motion from pistol tOSU shotgun. Guiton keeps and behind excellent blocks by M. Hall, Decker, and Heuerman, runs for the first down and more.
  SDSU 24 1 and 10 PASS Brown, Corey 24
1-1 Shotgun Right Deep corner route 5 24 DEAD ON
Plus: Guiton, C. Brown, Elliott Minus:
Motion from pistol tOSU shotgun. Excellent blocking against the blitz from Elliott Hits Brown on a corner route in the endzone. Guiton throws it where only Brown could catch it, Brown makes a great catch over twOSU defenders. Touchdown!
    and EXTRA POINT Basil, Drew  
Plus: Minus:
Extra kick is good.
  KICKOFF and KICKOFF Basil, Drew 37
Plus: Minus:
Kickoff fielded at the five. Brought down in reasonable time by PIttsburgh Brown
1:41 OSU 26 1 and 10 SCREEN Wilson, Dontre -2
1-1 Shotgun Right RB swing screen left 4 0 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus: Clark
Swing pass tOSU Wilson in the flat. Clark doesn't hold the block and the corner makes the tackle immediately for a loss
  OSU 24 2 and 12 RUSH Elliott, Ezekiel 5
1-1 Pistol Left Power Left 4    
Plus: Minus:
Good blocking vs d-line, but Mewhort comes through the hole looking tOSU block someone coming down the line... which nOSU one is there. Elliott hits the hole toOSU quickly instead of waiting tOSU M. Hall tOSU get tOSU the linebacker. They hit him at the same time and instead of the longer gain the blocks had set up, Elliotts speed and falling forward gives them 5 yards.
  OSU 29 3 and 7 PASS Guiton, Kenny 12
1-1 Shotgun Open Trips Right Called pass, scramble      
Plus: Guiton Minus:
Motion from pistol tOSU shotgun. Guiton drops back and decides tOSU scramble, finding a lot of grass in the middle of the field for a first down. Protection was fine, it looks like he just saw the opening. I could have been a called draw, but the timing seems a little long for that.
15:00 OSU 41 1 and 10 RUSH Wilson, Dontre 17
1-1 Pistol Trips Left Open Read Option Left      
Plus: Minus:
Proper read by Guiton, backside guard pulls tOSU block up field.
14:27 SDSU 42 1 and 10 RUSH Wilson, Dontre 1
1-1 Shotgun Left Open Read Option Right      
Plus: Minus:
Wrong read, if actually a read. Same pulling action from backside guard.
13:42 SDSU 41 2 and 9 RUSH Guiton, Kenny 1
1-1 Shotgun Right Open Read Option Right      
Plus: Minus:
Same Play as previous.
13:01 SDUS 40 3 and 8 PASS Smith, Devin 5
1-1 Shotgun Left Open Pass 5 5 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
12:24 SDSU 35 4 and 3 RUSH Guiton, Kenny 2
1-1 Shotgun Left Open Read Option Right      
Plus: Minus: Boren
Good read intOSU a run blitz, Boren misses key block that prevents a first down run
10:36 OSU 22 1 and 10 PASS Smith, Devin 10
1-1 Pistol Right H Play Action 4 8 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
Warren Ball chips down well on the right tOSU seal the pocket
10:06 OSU 32 1 and 10 PASS Spencer, Evan 0
1-1 Shotgun Left Open Play Action, Inc. 5 0 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
Good play by the DB.
10:01 OSU 32 2 and 10 SCREEN Smith, Devin -2
1-1 Shotgun Left Open WR Screen 5 0 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus: Fields
Fields though the play was tOSU him, didn't block tOSU spring Smih.
9:19 OSU 34 3 and 12 PASS   0
1-0 Shotgun   5 0 THROWAWAY
Plus: Minus: Bell
Didn't see blitzer on edge that he stayed in tOSU block, free run on Guiton whOSU had tOSU get away from pressure.
9:12 OSU 34 4 and 12 PUNT Johnston, Cameron 47
- Punt   9    
Plus: Minus:
Good coveraged downfield forces fair catch. Hang time ~5 sec
Plus: Minus:
4:28 OSU 22 1 and 10 PASS Vannett, Nick 2
1-1 Pistol Right H Play Action 4 -1 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
Swing Pass tOSU TE out of backfield
3:57 OSU 24 2 and 8 PASS Wilson, Dontre 4
1-0 Shotgun Play Action 4 -1 CATCHABLE
Plus: Minus:
Wilson split out, WR swing pass
3:10 OSU 28 3 and 4 PASS Smith, Devin 0
0-1 Shotgun Right Empty Incomplete Pass 5   BAD
Plus: Minus:
Guiton makes good protection call, but completely overthrows reciever.
3:04 OSU 28 4 and 4 PUNT Johnston, Cameron 45
- Punt   8    
Plus: Minus:
Good Coverage, forces fair catch. Hang time ~4 sec.
Plus: Minus:
0:40 OSU 44 1 and 10 RUSH Guiton, Kenny -2
3-2 Victory Kneeldown 10    
Plus: Minus:


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