Buckeye Charting Project - SDSU Defense

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September 14, 2013 at 12:01 pm

We started the game in our standard 4-2-5, but spend most of the second half in a 4-3 to get our backup linebackers more playing time. Notably, Curtis Grant stayed in with the backups, and while he's no Shazier, he showed a good nose for the ball. The defensive starters dominated.
With the backup line and linebackers in, we had a much harder time getting a push and a pass rush, with the very notable exception of Marcus, who looked like a beast. We still managed a bend but don't break level of defense, though.
More detailed statistical analysis to come. For now, here's the data.
Original Spreadsheet

Time Yard Line Down and Distance Play Type Yards Offensive Personnel Offensive Formation Defensive Personnel Number of Rushers
Plus: Plus Minus: Minus
15:00 OSU 35   KICKOFF 12        
Plus: Minus:
Basil kick to 2. Lockett return to OSU 12.
  SDSU 12 1 and 10 RUSH 4 21 Pro Left Offset I 4-3 7
Plus: Spence Minus:
Lockett sweep left for gain of 4. Tackle by Spence, Powell, and Perry
  SDSU 16 2 and 6 PASS 0 11 Ace 4-2 4
Plus: Minus:
Dingwell pass right incomplete to Ruffin
  SDSU 16 3 and 6 PASS 0 10 Shotgun 4-1 3
Plus: Minus:
Dingwell pass right incomplete to Ruffin. Spence drops in coverage.
  SDSU 16 4 and 6 PUNT 0        
Plus: Minus:
Fair catch Brown at OSU 50
11:49 OSU 35   KICKOFF 33        
Plus: Minus:
11:44 SDSU 33 1 and 10 PASS 0 21 I 4-2 5
Plus: C. Grant, D. Grant Minus:
Dingwell pass left intercepted by D. Grant. C Grant blitz rushes throw
9:45 OSU 49 4 and 6 PUNT 35        
Plus: Minus:
Johnson punt. Fair catch Siluano at SDSU 16.
9:38 SDSU 16 1 and 10 RUSH 2 21 Pro Left 4-2 7
Plus: Minus:
Muema rush middle for two yards. OSU has 8 in box. Run blitz.
  SDSU 18 2 and 8 PASS 0 21 Pro Left Offset I 4-2 6
Plus: Spence Minus:
OSU shows 6 on DL + rushes 6. Dingwell pass right to Roberts incomplete.
  SDSU 18 3 and 8 PASS 0 11 Ace Right 4-1 6
Plus: Minus:
Dingwell pass left to Vizzi incomplete.
  SDSU 18 4 and 8 PUNT          
Plus: Minus:
6:23 OSU 35   KICKOFF 31        
Plus: Minus:
6:14 SDSU 38 1 and 10 RUSH 1 21 Pro Left Offset I 4-2 5
Plus: Shazier, Roby Minus:
Ruffin sweep right for one yard. Spence rushes from LE forcing play to Shazier and Roby.
  SDSU 39 2 and 9 PENALTY -5 20 I 4-2 6
Plus: Minus:
Kaehler pass complete short left. Illegal formation penalty.
  SDSU 34 2 and 14 PENALTY -5 21 Pro Left Offest I 4-2  
Plus: Minus:
Delay of game
  SDSU 29 2 and 19 SCREEN 0 11 Ace 4-2 4
Plus: Minus:
Kaehler pass short left to Muema complete for no gain.
  SDSU 29 3 and 19 PASS -10 20 Shotgun 4-1 5
Plus: S. Miller Minus:
Kaehler sacked by S. Miller for loss of 10 yards.
  SDSU 19 4 and 29 PUNT 38        
Plus: Minus:
Brown fair catch.
:03 OSU 35   KICKOFF          
Plus: Minus:
Basil kickoff for touchback
:03 SDSU 20 1 and 10 PASS 6 20 I 4-2 4
Plus: Minus:
Kaehler pass left complete to Lockett for 6 yards. Bryant fakes blitz and drops in coverage.
15:00 SDSU 31 2 and 4 RUSH 1 11 Ace 3-wide 4-2 4
Plus: Minus:
Play seems designed to go between LG and LT; C pulls into that hole looking to block Shazier. Bosa gets some penetration inside on the LT; the RB sees this and tries to bounce outside rather than hit the hole. Shazier flows down and makes the 1-on-1 tackle before the pulling center can get to him; the fact that the RB bounced outside meant that the C couldn't get to Shazier. Not sure where the plus/minus should go b/c the LT seems to let Bosa get inside of him really easily. Spot gives SDSU a yard when Shazier tackled him for no gain.
  SDSU 32 3 and 3 SCREEN 2 11 Ace 3-wide 4-1 4
Plus: S. Miller Minus:
Miller recognizes screen as soon as the LT runs past him. He stops, backtracks, and is right in the WR's face when he catches it.
  SDSU 34 4 and 1 PUNT          
Plus: Minus:
Nothing of consequence.
12:17 SDSU 21 1 and 10 PASS 14 21 Offset I (FB to weakside) 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Corners in very soft coverage. Ruffin is off-camera when he completes his route. Not sure if this was a post and he saw Grant backpedaling and sat down in the open area or if this is the designed route. Not sure to minus Grant (was this the coverage?).
  SDSU 35 1 and 10 RUSH 2 21 I Twins 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
This might be a blitz by Shazier but I think he just reads run right away. FB blocks Spence; pulling G gets Shazier. Michael Hill gets off his block and hits the RB at the LOS; RB spins away. Bryant wraps the RB up but can't bring him down. Roby comes in and finished the job.
  SDSU 37 2 and 8 PENALTY -10 21 I Twins 4-3 5
Plus: Minus:
Seems to be some kind of rollout to the left. RG pulls and hits a blitzing Shazier. Sideline pass is high and incomplete. They call a penalty on the RG; looked clean to me and I think the hold they saw was actually on the C holding Bosa.
  SDSU 27 2 and 18 PASS -3 11 Ace Trips 4-2 4
Plus: Shazier Minus:
Quick swing pass to the RB. Shazier is lined up over the slot receiver and beats his block easily, then hits the guy and suplexes him.
  SDSU 24 3 and 21 PASS 8 11 Shotgun Right 4-1 3
Plus: Minus:
Rollout pass to the right. No one open and the QB scrambles for 8 before going out of bounds.
  SDSU 32 4 and 13 PENALTY 15        
Plus: Minus: J. Hall
Hall lays out for the punt and doesn't come particularly close. Takes out the punter's plant leg and it's an easy call.
  SDSU 47 1 and 10 PASS 0 21 I formation 4-3 6
Plus: Minus:
Everyone gets a push immediately and the pocket collapses.QB makes 1 or 2 guys miss then gets brought down.
  SDSU 47 2 and 10 RUSH 4 21 I Twins 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
LG pulls. Michael Bennett holds his own and Chris Carter gets good penetration; because of this the RB has a very small hole to try and hit between RG and RT. In front of him, the LG is engaging Perry at the LOS and everything's clogged up to the point where there's just no room. Bennett gets a hand on him as a filling Bryant and pursuing Shazier come in to finish the tackle off.
  OSU 49 3 and 6 PASS 4 11 Shotgun Left 4-1 4
Plus: Minus:
Bennett, Miller, and Spence completely collapse the pocket (Bose is double-teamed) and the QB scrambles. He gets a couple yards before a pursuing Bosa forces him out.
  OSU 45 4 and 2 PUNT          
Plus: Minus:
Nothing of consequence.
5:27 SDSU 22 1 and 10 PASS 0 21 Offset I (FB to strong side) 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Quick flare screen. QB throws it ahead of the WR and way too hard. D. Grant is playing way off the WR; if that gets completed it's at least five yards.
  SDSU 22 2 and 10 PASS 12 21 Offset I (FB to weak side) 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Zone blitz; Perry rushes and Spence drops into coverage. It's a PA waggle and the QB makes a nice running throw up the sideline. Grant pushes the WR out as soon as he catches it.
  SDSU 34 1 and 10 PASS 0 21 Offset I (FB to weak side) 4-3 6
Plus: Minus:
QB sees three relatively unblocked rushers (Spence, Perry, and a blitzing Roby) and chucks it to the near sideline that was vacated by the blitzing Roby. Roby gets a hand up, deflects it and it falls incomplete.
  SDSU 34 2 and 10 PASS 0 21 I formation 4-3 6
Plus: Minus:
C. Grant and Shazier appear to do a stunt blitz. Spence beats the RT outside and Bosa beats the LT inside. Under pressure, the QB tries to hit the WR on a comeback route up the right sideline and overthrows it.
  SDSU 34 3 and 10 PASS -10 11 Shotgun Right 4-2 4
Plus: Bennett, Spence Minus:
Bennett and Spence beat the RG and RT and hit the QB pretty much simultaneously, causing a fumble. Recovered by Bennett.
3:10 SDSU 36 1 and 10 RUSH 10 21 I formation 4-3 4
Plus: Minus: Shazier
Pulling RG gets one LB; FB gets the other as the RB bounces outside. That leaves Shazier, who has a lot of ground to cover but is unblocked. He takes a bad angle and maybe gets a hand on the RB as he dives for him. Barnett brings the RB down.
  SDSU 46 1 and 10 RUSH 8 21 I formation 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Run is between LG and LT. No one gets off their blocks. C and RG double Hale. FB blocks Shazier in the hole. C. Grant is coming over but the C disengages from the double and gets enough of him to keep him from getting a clean hit. Roby and C. Grant dive at the RB from opposite sides as he goes through to the second level; someone gets his legs and he goes down.
  OSU 46 2 and 2 RUSH 1 21 I formation 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Bosa beats his man; C. Grant holds his ground. Shazier hits the RB at the LOS; he spins away but is stumbling. Perry finishes the job.
  OSU 45 3 and 1 RUSH 2 21 I formation 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
FB dive. Blocking is good, tackle is made about where it should be.
  OSU 43 1 and 10 PASS 17 12 Ace Twins 4-3 4
Plus: Minus: Perry
Play-action. Bennett and Spence get kind of close, but the QB releases it comfortably. QB hits the TE in the flat. Looks like Perry and Barnett both go with the same receiver, leaving the TE alone. I assume that's a mix-up by Perry, who also gets called for holding the WR that Barnett is already covering (PEN is declined).
  OSU 26 1 and 10 PASS 0 21 I formation - twins 4-3 5
Plus: Minus:
We see the WR is wide open behind D. Grant on the left hash heading into the endzone when the QB overthrows it. On replay we see that the WR ran right into Grant and two-hand shoves him to the ground. No minus for that.
  OSU 26 2 and 10 PASS 17 20 Shotgun 3-Wide, 2 RBs 4-2 5
Plus: Minus:
C. Grant blitzes but it gets picked up. Great pocket; QB has all-day to throw. Hits WR coming across the middle 15 yards downfield. FWIW, it appeared to be D. Grant's cover again. Barnett brings him down almost right away.
  OSU 9 1 and GOAL PASS 0 20 Shotgun 3-Wide, 2 RBs 4-2 4
Plus: Minus:
Tries a quick back-shoulder throw into the end zone but throws it too far behind the WR. D. Grant had pretty good coverage (they're throwing at him almost exclusively, apparently).
  OSU 9 2 and GOAL PASS 7 10 Shotgun Trips Right 4-2 7
Plus: Minus:
Quick curl route. Roby makes the tackle immediately.
  OSU 2 3 and GOAL PASS 0 12 Ace 4-1 6
Plus: Minus:
Tyvis Powell and Corey (Pitt) Brown blitz. QB throws a quick slant; D. Grant has it covered very well and breaks it up.
12:13 SDSU 36 1 and 10 RUSH 4 21 I form right (TE to the boundry) wide out to either side 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Run off tackle left.Curtis Grant makes the tackle
11:40 SDSU 40 2 and 6 RUSH -4 21 I form right (TE to the boundry) wide out to either side 4-3 5
Plus: Bennett Minus:
Michael Bennet Blew straight through his blocker to tackle the RB in the backfield
11:00 SDSU 36 3 and 10 SCREEN 5 11 Shotgun Tight Right, RB right, 2 recievers to the left 4-2 4
Plus: Minus:
Screen right to RB price out of the backfield. Barnett did a great job wrapping up the RB and not letting him get any extra yards. Flag on the play for holding. Penalty was declined
10:34 SDSU 41 4 and 5 PUNT 35 yd punt, 10 yd return   Spread punt formation, approximately 2 yd splits with 3 men back to protect the punter. Punt Team  
Plus: Minus:
Low line drive punt, Some pretty good blocking around Philly Brown as he broke to the left for a 10 yd return.
Plus: Minus:
4:30 SDSU 28 1 and 10 PASS 17 21 I form right (TE to the boundry) wide out to either side 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
PA Dive left, Pass to tight end Adam Roberts for 17 yards before being dragged down by Barnett
4:05 SDSU 45 1 and 10 SCREEN 18 11 Single Back, TE right, 2 recievers left 4-3 5 (Roby CB blitz)
Plus: Minus: D. Grant
Screen Pass to the left (field side) to Ezell Ruffin for 18 yards. I think it was Doran Grant who got stiff armed and missed the tackle
3:30 OSU 37 1 and 10 PASS 18 21 I form right (TE to the field) wide out to either side 4-3 5 (delayed blitz by Curtis Grant)
Plus: Minus:
PA Dive Pass to Colin Lockett down the middle of the field for 18 yards. Tackle made by Barnett immediatley after the ball was caught.
2:48 OSU 19 1 and 10 RUSH 18 21 I form tight left (TE to the field) wide out to either side 4-3 6
Plus: Minus: Bryant
Donnel Pumphrey takes the pitch and rushes off tackle for 14yds. Both Barnett and Bryant took bad angles on the play and missed chances to make the tackle. Dragged down by Joey Bosa
2:22 OSU 5 1 and 5 RUSH 3 23 Goaline 2 TE right 4-3 7
Plus: Minus:
Donnel Pumphrey rush off tackle right for 3 yards to the OhSt 2. Tackle made by Bryant and C. Grant. Shazier shed one block then took the lead blocker out of the play.
1:46 OSU 2 2 and 2 PASS 2 23 Goaline 2 TE right 5-2 5
Plus: Minus: C. Grant
PA dive, we bit pretty hard om the fake. Looks like C. Grant lost his man as Quinn Kaehle completed a flair pass to fb Chad Young for 2 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.
Plus: Minus:
Wes Feer extra point GOOD.
1:36       25 yd return to the 26 yard line        
Plus: Minus:
Seamus McMorrow kickoff for 64 yards returned by Dontre Wilson for 25 yards to the OhSt 26. Dontre was tackled pretty hard around the neck.
12:18 SDSU 33 1 and 10 SCREEN -15 21 I Left 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
RB Screen. Well blocked out front. Johnson read it well enough but got clipped. Grant and Perry just looked confused.
  SDSU 18 1 and 25 PASS 18 21 I Left 4-3 5
Plus: Minus:
Swing pass to the RB in the flat. Grant blitzes but is picked up. Perry is stretched between two men in his zone. Gets out to make the tackle after a long gain.
  SDSU 36 2 and 7 RUSH 4 10 Shotgun Open 4-3 5
Plus: Minus:
Bootleg right. QB doesn't find anyone open. Can't see any of the coverage on the broadcast to see why. Grant comes on a delayed blitz read, takes a bad angle. Burrows forces him out of bounds after a short gain.
  SDSU 40 3 and 3 PASS 0 11 Ace Left 4-2 4
Plus: Perry Minus:
Motion to empty backfield. Quick drop, pass is broken up by Perry in tight coverage.
  SDSU 40 4 and 3 PUNT 38        
Plus: Minus:
Block call on punt doesn't get there. Fair caught by Brown.
Plus: Minus:
Drive is really killed by the penalty. First three plays didn't look too great for the Buckeye defense, but Perry makes a great pass breakup on third down to end the drive.
9:05 SDSU 23 1 and 10 PASS 12 21 I Right 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
10 yard out pattern. Reeves is in soft coverage, but makes the tackle. SDSU is leaving seven guys home to block and D-line isn't getting much pressure.
  SDSU 35 1 and 10 RUSH 2 21 I Right 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Power right. Johnson fills the hole right away. Brown comes in to finish the tackle.
  SDSU 37 2 and 8 PASS 0 12 Ace Double Tight 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Play action, rollout right. Pass to TE in the flat is dropped. He had at least ten yards of green in front of him.
  SDSU 37 3 and 8 PASS 7 11 Shotgun Left 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Quick slant across the face of Bell. Tackled immediately one yard short of the first down.
  SDSU 44 4 and 1 RUSH 2 11 Ace Right 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
QB Sneak. Their O-line got a good push and our LBers did not fill until it was already over.
  SDSU 46 1 and 10 PASS 0 12 Ace Double Tight 4-3 5
Plus: Johnson Minus:
Play action pass. Johnson comes unblocked on the blitz, forces the hurry and a bad throw.
  SDSU 46 2 and 10 SCREEN 11 11 Ace Right 4-3 4
Plus: Minus: Bell
WR screen. Bell is in position but is caught flat footed and misses the tackle. Burrows finally brings him down but not until he picks up a first down.
  OSU 43 1 and 10 PASS 0 21 I Left 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
7 Step drop, six blockers. QB overthrows the comeback route, but Reeves was right on the receiver anyway.
  OSU 43 2 and 10 PASS 0 21 I Right 4-3 5
Plus: Minus:
Corner Blitz. WR didn't get the message on the hot route, pass goes into the turf.
  OSU 43 3 and 10 PASS 14 11 Shotgun RIght 4-2 4
Plus: Minus:
Snag concept to the field side. QB has plenty of time, hits the corner route. Reeves tackles him out of bounds immediately.
  OSU 29 1 and 10 PASS 4 21 I Right 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Pass to the TE on a quick slant. Dropped immediately by Reeves for a short gain. I'm almost tempted to give him a +1 for this after his tackling last game.
  OSU 25 2 and 6 RUSH 1 21 I Right 4-3 4
Plus: Marcus Minus:
Inside run is blown up immediately as Marcus beats his man and the fullback to get a hand on the RB in the backfield. Johnson reads the play well and comes in to finish the tackle.
  OSU 24 3 and 5 PASS   11 Ace Right 4-1 4
Plus: Marcus, Reeves Minus:
Quick drop 5 and in route. Marcus beats his man and is bringing pressure. Reeves reads the QB all the way and steps in front for an interception.
Plus: Minus:
For most of this drive, the D-line was not getting much pressure, even on the deeper drops. They were facing extra blockers in many cases, but until the last two plays they were not winning individual battles either. Marcus finished this drive very well.
2:56 SDSU 27 1 and 10 PASS 9 21 I Right 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Out route vs Reeves. Caught and immediately shoved out of bounds. Marcus would have had pressure but the back stayed in to double team him.
  SDSU 36 2 and 1 RUSH 7 21 I Left 4-3 6
Plus: Minus: Williams
Power Left. LBs hit the hole, but Williams loses contain, lets himself be sealed in as the RB bounces it out for a decent gain. It helped that the SDSU lineman got a wawy with a blatant hold on Johnson. Burrows makes a solid tackle after 7 yards.
  SDSU 43 1 and 10 PASS 0 21 Pro Left 4-3 4
Plus: Williams Minus:
Bootleg right, tries to through the out route at around 10 yards. Williams reads the play well and makes an athletic jump to tip the ball down.
  SDSU 43 2 and 10 PASS 9 21 I Right 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Comback routes against Burrows. Catch made just short of the first down.
  OSU 48 3 and 1 RUSH 3 21 I Right 4-3 4
Plus: Minus:
Dive play on short yardage. Williams and Burger combine for the tackle quickly enough, but well after the first down. I don't know why our linebackers waited so long to rush downhill on short yardage - the D-line essentially stalemated and at the speed they entered the play there was no chance to stop it.
  OSU 45 1 and 10 PASS 0 21 I Right 4-3 6
Plus: Burger Minus:
Play action pass doesn't fool anyone. We bring a heavy blitz, Burger gets a knockdown.
  OSU 45 2 and 10 RUSH 4 21 I Left 4-3 4
Plus: Farris Minus:
QB pumps and then scrambles for it. Farris does an excellent job catching him from behind for a short gain.
  OSU 41 3 and 6 PASS -3 21 I Left 4-3 5
Plus: Marcus, Carter Minus:
Reeves comes on a corner blitz. It confuses the LT enough that he doesn't help on Marcus, who shoots in for the forced fumble. Carter dives on the ball immediately.
Plus: Minus:
The fourth quarter is showing the need to build depth on our defensive line. Aside from Marcus, our D-line this quarter was getting little pressure on pass plays and or push on running plays, especially in short yardage. Marcus did look good when he could pin his ears back, and SDSU was leaving someone in to help on him almost every pass.