We may have to cheer for Duke?

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November 15, 2013 at 9:49 pm

I know that this sounds absolutely insane, but, if Duke wins the remainder of their games, they will win the Coastal division of the ACC and will play for the ACC Championship versus... Florida State. 
If Alabama and Florida State are both undefeated at the time, then we will have to cheer for the SEC East champion (Good God don't let it be South Carolina, because that's a guaranteed loss) or... DUKE. Yes DUKE. Duke could actually make it to the conference championship, no not the basketball team, the football team that hasn't won a bowl game since the 1961 Cotton Bowl against Arkansas (you know this was back in the stone age when Duke beat an SEC team in a bowl game) But Arkansas wasn't in the SEC back then (Well there's your explanation) 
But the thing is, if Duke goes to the ACC Championship, they'll be 10-2. So it's not an impossibility that Duke could actually beat Florida State. Also the ACC Title game is in Charlotte, North Carolina. A slight home field advantage for Duke (even though it'll be a "neutral site" game.) So if all that happens, and it is actually likely to happen, we as Buckeye supporters will have to do: 

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