Mack Brown is classy

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December 31, 2013 at 4:01 am

This is my first blog attempt, so bear with me! Throughout the 16 yeas that Mack Brown coached at Texas, I really knew nothing about him. He was just another coach. He seemed likable so I'd root for Texas when they weren't playing the Bucks. I'm old fashioned, I think when a coach answers half-time questions, their reactions and answers reflect the personality accurately, overall in life.  I am 33 now, with no children, if and when I do and would be so lucky to have a Division I prospect as a son; I would definitely be more welcoming to a coach who treats everyone with respect.  
Like I said, I really haven't followed him under the scope. I knew the program was going down from where they were and he was inevitably on his way out.  I picked up and followed him closer since his resignation/firing.  I must say, he handled the situation with class and decorum. He never stopped coaching for his players. He admitted in front of them that their record was his fault and took the blame saying the players on the team were too good to have their record. 
He was vanilla, much like Jim Tressel. Nothing flashy, handled the media well and seemed to speak "politely" relative to football terms.  Vanilla is not a bad thing at all, I think of them both as a nice Jeni's ice cream type of vanilla. Looks and talks vanilla, but has something multi dimensional. Teaching the players that modesty is not a bad thing. 
I'm a firm believer that players must have that switch they turn on when they put on their helmets, same with the coaches on the sidelines. A coach must have that motivating factor in the locker-room, at practice, and on the sidelines. It is that facet of a a personality is unique. Hyena on the field, Koala bear off the field.
To me, Mack Brown is very comparable to Tressel. Unfortunately for Buckeye Nation we were unable to send Jim Tressel off with great appreciation like the Texas fans exhibited for Mack Brown.  I hope he coaches again, and I wish the man success. #gobucks

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