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Ryan Shazier: Where does he rank?

Ryan Shazier completed one of the greatest campaigns I have ever seen from an Ohio State linebacker. To me he ranks up there with the great linebackers at Ohio State. He had an amazing 2012, and 2013 was no different. He was always all over the field, and seemed to be involved in every single...
06 Feb 2014
by wilkins0802

Bradley Roby's Legacy at Ohio State

In the 2012 season Bradley Roby had an amazing year, recording 62 tackles, 17 passes broken up, 2 INTs (1 for a TD), 1 sack, and 1 punt block. He also earned All-American honors in 2012. As a red-shirt sophomore he gambled with jumping to the NFL or coming back for one more year to try and win a c...
03 Feb 2014
by wilkins0802

Carlos Hyde: Where does he rank?

To me this is a tricky question. Where does Carlos Hyde rank among the long list of the greatest Ohio State RB's of all time? Like I need to give anyone on here a history lesson, but for the sake of arguments I am going to post some stats below anyway for comparison. Forgive me if I ...
23 Jan 2014
by wilkins0802

Rod Johnson possible commit?

The decision from Roderick Johnson should be coming any time now, they are saying it's down to Ohio State and Florida State. With us picking up Brady Taylor, what are the chances Johnson commit's to tOSU? I think even with picking up Taylor, he would be a great add, as he is in the ESPN 300....
22 Jan 2014
by wilkins0802