McQueary Suit

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October 5, 2012 at 10:14 am

How about someone at PSU remind this clown that HIS INACTIONS were inappropriate? I am sure that the victims and their loved ones are going to feel real sympathy for him, being as how he had a chance to take immediate, direct actions and follow up on them, but instead chose to not confront the situation head on for fear of losing his job. I'd have lost my job because I had committed felonious assault after witnessing what he had allegedly seen. Makes me sick.;_ylt=An1i5Lj7mZunGRNLl52avK0LMxIF;_ylu=X3oDMTNocTBvZXI5BG1pdAMEcGtnAzFhZGQ1YTQ0LTBmMDAtMzA1OS1iZjc0LWFlYjI1NTRhODZhOARwb3MDMjAEc2VjA2xuX0Zvb3RiYWxsX2dhbAR2ZXIDZmU2M2QzYjEtMGNlNy0xMWUyLTlmZjYtN2NlNzhmZTgyMjhi;_ylv=3
I am not saying that the guy got the right administrative support, necessarily, or whether or not he was even entitled to any; these kinds of decisions should be left to the state to answer based upon precedent and what he did or didn't do. That whole screwed up mess will be in litigation for years, which by itself will only serve keep the scab fresh on this awful wound. I am saying, though, that I think "whistleblower" overstates his role in this tragedy. Perhaps "candystriper" fits better.
I seriously wonder how much of the $8m he seeks is earmarked for the victims? I will be watching how this unfolds with keen interest. If he gets a nickel out of this, I will believe that our society really is pretty well doomed.

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