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Buckeye NFL Players - IN THE MONEY

Posted this in response to a question on the Donte Whitner signing; HOLY CRAP, do our Buckeye footballers make some BANK! (apologies for the formatting - never could figure out how to paste the table and make it come out right). ENJOY!! Jones, Cardale            ...
05 Oct 2016
by WC Buckeye

The SOS Argument

I was reading through the blogs this morning, and when I saw all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the BCS and its unfairness (which I openly participate in, as well), I thought I'd look at the perception of the SOS or lack thereof for the 4 teams at the top. I looked at the records for ...
21 Oct 2013
by WC Buckeye

Selection Committee Academic Affiliation Breakdown

With the announcement of Jeff Long's appointment as the chair of the tournament selection committee, seeing that he was from an SEC school automatically made me fear for the worst - that yet again we were going to have an SEC "homer" potentially weighing in on important (i.e. tOSU-impa...
14 Oct 2013
by WC Buckeye

Paterno Family Lawsuit

Well, folks, just when you thought that the wounds might actually be starting to heal, along comes another jagged edge to rip off the scab and start the bleeding anew. The Paterno family is going to now sue the NCAA for basically its wholesale acceptance of the conclusions of the Freeh report, ...
29 May 2013
by WC Buckeye

McQueary Suit

How about someone at PSU remind this clown that HIS INACTIONS were inappropriate? I am sure that the victims and their loved ones are going to feel real sympathy for him, being as how he had a chance to take immediate, direct actions and follow up on them, but instead chose to not confront...
05 Oct 2012
by WC Buckeye