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The Dying Throes of BCS Chaos

I write this early Sunday morning, which is probably a bad time because about nine hours or so would allow greater certainty of what is to come.  However, I want to look at possibilities, so allow me the room that I might put on some rose-colored glasses.  We can all laugh at me later. At...
25 Nov 2012
by vidstudent

The Campaign for Today's Drunk Hour in Columbus

So, a tweet appeared early Monday night in my feed from our beloved President Gee: Bring your Buckeye spirit to Ohio Union at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow and The Today Show might air live on campus this October! — E. Gordon Gee (@presidentgee) September 18, 2012 The link, by the wa...
19 Sep 2012
by vidstudent

Practice report, 4/14/2012

"Students in first, staff and faculty line up over here - cellphones off and put away!" No, in my years here at OSU - the one year from '97-98, or the ones starting in Winter 2009 - I have never been in the Woody Hayes Athletic Complex.  I could park there with my C permit,...
14 Apr 2012
by vidstudent