Not a bitter fan...Great effort this year Buckeyes. (I need a friend!)

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January 4, 2014 at 12:51 am

Thank you for your efforts this year Buckeyes. We lost the last two games but it wasn't due to lack of desire. Thank you for the entertainment you provided this season boys.
Now on to tonights game. Vonn Bell, outstanding Freshman Debut.
Carlos, you are a man! The yardage you got was hard earned and you would have had more if our passing game had done it's job.
Corey Brown, I saw that coming. Thank you for your service to this team. The mistake really hurt us but I will remember the positives and your growth.
Offensive Line you did a fair to above average job. It wasn't your fault that you couldn't contain the defensive line and the linebackers too!
Seniors thank you.
Armani Reaves, practice your ass off this summer. The young pups are on your heals and if we weren't saving them for the future I think things might have been different for you this year. You had some great plays tonight but a lot of....well, I'll let Combs fill you in.
Tyvis Powell, solid performance though we have room for growth.
Linebackers, not bad, not great....Shazier please come back next year we need your leadership and another 15 pounds of muscle. You had an outstanding year but you'll need the growth for the pros. We love ya and I am being selfish here. I know you can put that weight on while your learning a new system but you are family son. Hate to see you go.
Marcus, damn fine job. Wrap up!
Receivers got no separation. I don't know whether you were average tonight or it was Braxton or the play calling that made you look that way.
Guiton, you are going to be fondly remembered. I hope I get to watch you on Sundays somehow.
Beasely, I wish we could have made you look like a punk but you called it. Mewhort had your number a few times but you have cred.
Wilson, more size so you can afford a little more wiggle and take the hit when you can't make them miss. You are too easily tackled. Great speed and you picked up positive yardage tonight but I think you see this level is a lot different than the last. Save that energy for the game instead of the microphone. Good effort tonight for a Freshman.
Bosa, you are a champion.
Where did Bennett go tonight? Washington? More pressure guys. You had phenomenal opposition but I know a team that handled them. They are in the championship.
I saved the best for last. I don't know how much of this game to pin on you Braxton. I certainly believe the offensive play calling could have been better and relieved some of that pressure you were receiving. The defense sold out to stop the middle yet the side was open all night long. I have to believe that the middle had to be open for slants at times and I have no idea why we abandoned the sweeps and off tackle runs. Please can we see some misdirection! That aggressive defense would have bit on that almost all night. I don't want to be too critical of you Braxton because I don't really think you were put in the best situations tonight. That being said, you have so much room for growth. If you feel you hit your plateau then bail for the NFL. I think Buckeye nation will understand. Your legs and shiftiness are amazing but its become very apparent that an above average defense can shut you down if they stack the box and have dependable secondary play. Your night wasn't horrible but I hope you don't believe that was your best effort. You are not respected as a passer by teams possessing a strong and competent secondary. I believe that your play tonight should have won the game, be it what it was, if we had some semblance of a defense. We played sloppy as a team. We were lucky to be in the position we were in because of penalties and mistakes/blown coverages by Clemson. We were outplayed.
Urban, my expectations remain high but my rational mind has reeled them back in. I am not so sure we're ready for the big stage, not next year but maybe beyond. Please fix this defense. This will never be viewed as a real championship caliber team by many fans, regardless of the win column, until our defense (collectively) looks intimidating. Everyone has a bad game (Bama) but we have already established the pattern and that horse is dead, decayed and we're still pounding the fucking grave.
Our Aussie punter, you and Bosa words describe the confidence I have in you guys.
Again, I am thankful to the entire team for your sacrifices. I apologize if I got a little too critical in my summary but my emotions are still running hot.
(Please add on to this with your observations fellas! I need an outlet right now!)

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