Creepin' on 11w: 2006

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August 28, 2013 at 2:24 am

A couple days ago I scrolled down to the bottom of the front page and saw the "Last" button. I clicked it. My life would never be the same. I don't know about you guys, but I was very intrigued by the 11W of yore. I found myself asking, "I wonder what 11W had to say about (insert awesome/terrible Ohio State related item here)." The point of this blog post is to direct readers to some of the stories that I found interesting from the year 2006. 
The earliest story, written by our beloved Jason on August 20th, concerned a delusional writer ranking Ohio State 4th in the preseason football poll. He picked Texas to beat Ohio State, along with stating that he could envision Iowa and TTUN beating the buckeyes. Wrong. Wrong. Annnnnd Wrong. Yay for the first story! 
The next story that caught my eye was this one here that exhibits how stacked our 2006 team really was. The team had ten selections on the power rankings. By comparison, the 2011 squad only managed to place three on the list. Also of note is that due to the supremacy that was Troy Smith, Ted Ginn, and company, Jim Bollman was ranked as the 8th best offensive coordinator in college football. My oh my how things have changed (see total offense for OSU).
HOLY SMOKES I forgot about this little skirmish. Unfortunately, the video doesn't work so here ya go!

Here are some jokes about Michigan because Fuck Michigan. Also, I recall we beat them in the Game of the Century. Reading through that article, points 2 and 5, unfortunately for us, ended up being incorrect. This was one of the final few times Jim Tressel delivered in a high profile game, and both teams ended up getting demolished in their respective bowls games. DAMN U URBAN (just kidding urban love you <3).
Traveling to other things other than the 2006 football team, this was the only mention (correct me if I'm wrong) of recruiting in 2006. Goes to show how much this site has progressed! 
Also, the basketball team was pretty good. We beat UC, and we pissed off UC. This is why I (we?) hate UC. Daequan Cook had better stats than I remember (See key players). Unfortunately, the Buckeyes happened to get demolished by Florida in basketball, drawing a total of 6 comments by the commentariate. Something like that happening these days would draw hundreds of comments! Yay for site growth!
Drawing nearer to the end of 2006, there were a few random think that my feeble minded 7th grade self failed to remember. Antonio Pittman and Beanie Wells potential NCAA Violations, Tressel to the Browns?!, the Big Ten sucking, and Mark May Antics.
Whelp, there ya have it. 11W 2006. Maybe I'll do a 2007 one? 

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