We Don't Get The Whole Story Watching Games on TV.

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September 13, 2017 at 11:44 am

Just Curious, we've all seen the typical camera angle for the majority of plays on TV....but, when they show the overhead, behind the QB angle you get a much better appreciation for what the QB is actually seeing.  We analyze these games and qb play based on what we see on TV, which is the QB until the ball leaves his hands and then the targeted receiver (and not much else at all)....I think we would have a much better perspective if we got to watch that alternate angle all the time.  Not that any of us could do anything about it but not seeing the whole field affects our ability to know if receivers are open, creating separation, if our dbs/lbs are blowing coverage, , if the line is opening holes, etc...ultimately we don't see what the coaches see on tape but I know when I'm at a live game and can see the whole field I can get a much better appreciation for what is truly going on.  Wishful thinking I know but I truly wish that alternate view was the standard.  Thoughts...how do we get this movement started (wishful thinking). I would think with all of the special broadcasts and all of that field pass, coaches view, etc, that they could broadcast like that so we could have a choice...I know sky cam is what provides that view and I'd LOVE to see that the whole game.  For my money end zones seats are the best when they are at your end for the reasons I mentioned above...the drawback, of course, is the far end of the field where you can't tell a 2 yard gain from 10 yard gain. 

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