Plain Dealer article on Tyson Gentry

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November 1, 2013 at 1:30 pm
For those of you who vaguely remember the name, allow me to refresh your memory:

In 2006, Gentry was a walk-on receiver and punter for the Buckeyes participating in a team scrimmage that April. After catching a pass at Ohio Stadium, Gentry absorbed a hit from safety Kurt Coleman and then landed awkwardly as he hit the ground. He broke his C4 vertebra. He hasn’t walked since.

It may not be a storybook happy ending, but the story gives us a look into his life post-football and how he has managed to move forward in life after such a life-changing injury.  A lot of players plan for the future if their NFL prospects don't pan out, but I wonder how many are prepared for such a random injury, and I wonder how much OSU helps these folks.  I'd like to think they help out quite a bit...
What? 200 word minimum??  You don't need 200 words from me, just read the darn article.  Ok, once I was walking across campus and a goose flew overhead and took a massive dump on me.  I went home and went back to bed and my boss totally understood.  Still not enough?  Ummm, I met Archie Griffin at an OSU Hockey game.  I thought he'd be taller.

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